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fortop provides a diverse selection of energy meters within its product lineup. Variances primarily stem from construction style, available options, and display formats. Selecting the right energy meter hinges on your specific measurement needs and preferences for data presentation.

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Choose the correct meter - Janitza | fortop advice

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Power analysers

A power analyser from Janitza is the standard behind every transformer or generator. These analysers gauge a wide array of parameters, assess voltage quality in compliance with EN61000-2-4, and capture voltage fluctuations, peaks, and waveforms.


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Choose the correct current transformer

Current transformers are employed to measure high currents. When aiming to measure a current of 1000 amperes (A) using an energy meter, it's necessary to step down the current by a factor of 200. This is where current transformers come into play.

Choose the correct transformer
Current transformer - ELEQ

Power quality analysers

A power quality analyser monitors an extensive range of parameters continuously. Janitza's Class A analysers adhere to international standards such as EN50160, IEEE519, and EN61000-2-4 for measuring voltage quality while also capturing voltage sags, peaks, and waveforms.

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Power quality analyser UMG 512-PRO - Janitza

White papers

If you want to learn more about voltage sags, higher harmonics or power quality, read the white papers from fortop.

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Voltage tap terminals

A voltage tap terminal can be quickly and safely installed in an existing installation if a safe measuring voltage is not available. ELEQ's voltage tap terminals are fitted with a measuring fuse and are suitable for wire or busbar. 

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Universal measurement devices

Universal measurement devices gauge the fundamental electrical parameters and are offered in both panel and DIN rail mounting options, compatible with a wide range of bus systems.


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Universal measurement device UMG 96 RM - Janitza

Measuring cabinets

Do you want to install a meter temporarily or semi-permanently, or is there no room for a fixed energy meter in your installation? Fortop has a standard solution in the form of fixed metering cabinets that are delivered fully assembled and tested. Connecting the measurement voltage and current transformers is all that is needed.

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Customer story Wiebe de Jong

When Wiebe de Jong took over Van den Bor Elektrotechniek in Nijkerk 12.5 years ago, he purchased a professional meter as his first investment. 

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The only true modular all-in-one analyser for measurements in LS main distribution and grid stations - the UMG 801.

Arjan Pit - Sales manager energy control

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Temporary or permanent measurement?

Is temporary measurement a logical choice? The answer to that is no. With a temporary measurement, you're essentially capturing a momentary image of the setup, providing only a snapshot. Explore 10 reasons to opt for permanent measurement instead.


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Temporary or permanent measurement - Advice fortop

Configuration and commissioning

Commissioning and configuring measuring equipment requires technical knowledge. Don't have this in-house? Not to worry! Our technical product specialists will be happy to help you implement your meters.


Current transformers

Current transformers are ideal for use in existing installations. The split core models by ELEQ are easy to click around a cable or rail without using any tools. The compact versions are suitable for measuring smaller currents from 16A.
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Measurement system check

Do you need help interpreting measurement data or do you have doubts about the reliability of your measurements? Our measurement specialists will be happy to visit you for a measurement system check. The measurement data will be validated using a mobile reference measurement.

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Measurement specialist Jarno Schoen performs temporary measurement

Portable power analysers

Register consumption, harmonic contamination, asymmetry and voltage sags? A mobile power analyser offers maximum flexibility for certain applications. The cases are equipped as standard with measuring loops with a measurement range of 100-400A.

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Portable power analysers - Janitza

Want to know which Janitza energy meter is most suitable for your application? Use the selection tool.

Jarno Schoen - Power Quality Specialist

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Energy management system for utilities

Comprehensive solution for the measurement, tracking, and reporting of electrical energy and various other energy sources like gas, water, and heat. Ideal for installers seeking to provide a complete energy monitoring solutions for diverse settings such as schools, utilities, office buildings, and residential complexes.

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EMU kWh meter - EMU Professional

Temporary energy measurement

Do you need help interpreting measurement data or do you have doubts about the reliability of your measurements? Our measurement specialists are happy to come by for a (measurement system) check.

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