Power quality analysers

With a power quality analyser, all conceivable quantities are measured continuously. The class A analyzers from Janitza measure voltage quality according to international standards such as EN50160, IEEE519 and EN61000-2-4 and record voltage dips, peaks and waveforms.

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Power quality analyser UMG 512 PRO - Janitza


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Power analysers

A power analyser from Janitza is the standard behind every transformer or generator. The analyzers measure all imaginable quantities, determine the voltage quality according to EN61000-2-4 and record voltage dips, peaks and waveforms.


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Universal measurement devices

Universal measurement devices measure the most common electrical parameters and are available in panel and DIN rail mounting and can be supplied in all conceivable bus systems.


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Universal measurement device UMG 96 RM - Janitza

Do you want to know which Janitza energy meter is the most suitable for your application? Use the selection tool and select the right energy measurement device.

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Current transformers

The current transformers are ideal for use in existing installations. The divisible models of ELEQ are easy to click cable or rail without using any tools. The compact versions are suitable for measuring small currents from 16A.


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kWh measurement devices

A kWh measurement device measures and records electrical consumption. Janitza's kWh measurement devices come standard with a MID approval and can be seamlessly integrated into fortop's software systems and can be linked to third-party systems via pulses, M-bus or Modbus.

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kWh measurement devices - Janitza

Voltage branch terminals

A voltage branch terminal can be tapped quickly and safely in an existing installation if no safe measuring voltage is available. The branch terminals of ELEQ are equipped with a measuring fuse and are suitable for tapping wire or rail.

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Voltage branch terminals - ELEQ

Temporary energy measurement

Do you need help interpreting measurement data or do you have doubts about the reliability of your measurements? Our measurement specialists are happy to come by for a (measurement system) check. The measurement data is validated on the basis of a mobile reference measurement.

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White papers

Want to know more about voltage dips, higher harmonics or power quality? Read the white papers from fortop.

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Energy management system for utilities

Total solution for measuring, monitoring and reporting electrical energy and other energy flows such as gas, water and heat. Suitable for any installer who wants to offer a total solution for energy monitoring in, for example, schools, utilities, office buildings and flat blocks.

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EMU kWh meter - EMU Professional

Portable power analysers

Register consumption, harmonic contamination, asymmetry or voltage dips? A mobile power analyser offers maximum flexibility! The cases are equipped as standard with measuring loops with a measurement range of 100-400A.

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Portable power analysers - Janitza