Completely assembled measuring cases

Semi-permanent measuring or no space for a fixed power analyser?

Do you want to install a meter temporarily or semi-permanently or is there no room for a fixed energy meter in your installation? Fortop has a standard solution in the form of fixed measuring cabinets that are delivered completely assembled and tested. Connecting the measuring voltage and the current transformers is sufficient. 

The cabinets can be fitted with a power quality analyser or a power analyser, both in a panel-mounted and a DIN-rail version. The cabinets are supplied with a drawing, a connection diagram and the coding of terminals and components. 


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Fortop measuring case with Janitza UMG 509-PRO power analyser
Dimensions of measuring cabinet - fortop

Measuring cabinets - Features and options

Features of the fortop measuring cabinets:

► Voltage L-N/L-L: 100-240/173-415V
► Insulation Class: CAT III
► Maximum ambient temperature: 40°C
► Dimensions WxHxD: 200x300x132mm (with Janitza UMG 604-PRO and UMG 605-PRO)
► Dimensions WxHxD: 200x300x190mm (with Janitza UMG 509-PRO and UMG 512-PRO)
► Connection of measuring voltage: 4-pole fuse holder, 3P+N
Includes 6A fuses, 8x32mm
► Connection for 4 current measuring transformers (CTs) ../1A ../5A, via short-circuit terminals
► Includes mounting brackets
► External RJ45 connector
► External 240Vac power supply connection, 6A circuit breaker
► (Measuring) voltage should be externally fused
► Includes drawings and codes
► NEN3140 certification
► Compatible meters: Janitza UMG 604-PRO / UMG 605-PRO / UMG 509-PRO / UMG 512-PRO

fortop measuring cabinet options:

► Rogowski coils with a maximum measuring current of 10,000A
► 4G/LTE Modem / VPN Gateway for remote access via the fortop VPN service
► Readout and data logging via the fortop cloud service

Data Power (Quality) Analyser - Depending on the model:

► User Interface: Web Interface, LCD Display
► Interface: Ethernet, RS485
► Protocol: Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP
► Memory: 128 MB
► Harmonics: Up to 40th order for U/I
► Event Logging: Dips (ms), peaks, transients (us)
► Reporting: Including kWh and voltage quality

Rogowski Flex CTs:

► Coil Length: 600mm
► Diameter: 190mm
► Measurement Range (A): 100...4000A
► Length of Measuring Lead: 3m

4G modem + antenna:

► SIM Port: 1x (4G/LTE)
► Ethernet Ports: 2x (WAN, LAN)
► VPN Gateway function

Measuring cabinet readout

Reading via a Local Ethernet Network

The metering cabinets are equipped with an Ethernet connection, allowing them to be integrated into the local network. Direct connections can be made to the meter for reading the embedded web interface or using the GridVis application. The meters can be easily integrated into higher-level systems using standard protocols such as Modbus TCP and BACnet/IP.

Remote Access via the Fortop VPN Service

If you want access to your metering cabinet independently of your own IT infrastructure, we can provide you with access to the energy meter through our VPN server. Through a VPN login on your laptop or workstation, you are guaranteed a secure and always available connection for a fixed monthly fee. The connection can be established via both a wired network and a 3G/4G/LTE network.

Data Logging and Web Reading via the Fortop Cloud Service DCEM Cloud

For a fixed monthly fee, we handle data storage and web visualization of key measurements, Voltage sags and current peaks, power quality reports, and energy consumption. Even in the event of a data connection loss, no data is lost because of local data storage. The web visualization includes an export function for all available measurements. Learn more about DCEM cloud.


Monitor measuring cabinets - Janitza

Overview measurement cabinets

Type Janitza Analyzer Basic measuring cabinet Measuring cabinet with 4G/LTE Router –VPN gateway Measuring cabinet with 3 pcs Rogowski coils Measuring cabinet with 4G/LTE Router –VPN gateway and 3 pcs Rogowski coils
   UMG 604-PRO   MK110000   MK110001   MK110002   MK110003
   UMG 605-PRO   MK120000   MK120001   MK120002   MK120003
   UMG 509-PRO   MK130000   MK130001   MK130002   MK130003
   UMG 512-PRO   MK140000   MK140001   MK140002   MK140003