Current transfers and voltage taps for energy measurement

Current transformers are used for measuring high currents. If you want to measure a 1000 ampere current (A) with an energy meter, the current must first be transformed down 200 times. Current transformers are used for this.

The ELEQ current transformers have different properties, suitable for a wide range of applications:

  • Compact dividable current transformers for cables
  • Current transformers suitable for low and medium voltage systems
  • Current transformer with a fused voltage tap
  • Current transformers for use in combination with three-phase automatic switch

Voltage tap for busbar and rail mounting 

Voltage taps for busbar and rail mounting are ideally suited for fast and safe measurements in existing installations. Both for temporary and permanent voltage measurements.

Variants of voltage taps:

  • Voltage taps for rail mounting
  • Voltage taps for wire, with or without fuse


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TQ-series current transformers - ELEQ

Indirect level measurement with current transformers

Energy management in three steps - Advice fortop

Overview models current transformers

Current transformers
Description Compact transformer Power sensor Divisible current transformer "click and go" Rogowski
Type RM27 VCT32 TQ30 TQ40-B TQ40-C TQ50-E TQ50-L Rogotrans Rogo Coil
  Current transformer RM 27 - ELEQ | Webshop fortop Current transformer VCT32 - ELEQ Current transformer TQ30 - ELEQ Current transformer TQ40 - ELEQ Current transformer TQ40 - ELEQ Current transformer TQ50-E - ELEQ Current transformer TQ50-E - ELEQ Meetwaarde omvormer - Janitza RogoCoil-100-70-janitza RogoCoil-100-70-janitza RogoCoil-100-70-janitza
Transformer width 27 mm 32 mm 36 mm 48,8 mm 48,8 mm 66 mm 66 mm 22,5 mm      
Gear ratio
  35/1A 35/1A 60/1A 100/1A 200/1A 250/1A 250/1A 250/1A      
  64/1A 64/1A 100/1A 150/1A 250/1A 300/1A 300/1A 500/1A      
      150/1A   300/1A 400/1A* 400/1A* 1000/1A      
      200/1A*   400/1A 500/1A* 500/1A* 2000/1A      
      250/1A*   500/1A* 600/1A* 600/1A* 4000/1A      
            750/1A* 750/1A*      
            800/1A* 800/1A*        
            1000/1A* 1000/1A*        
Other specifications
Class 1 1 3/1* 1 1/0,5* 1/0,5* 1/0,5* 0,5       
Max. cable diameter 7,5 mm   18 mm 18 mm 28 mm 42 mm 2 x 42 mm   70 mm 175 mm 300 mm
Max. rail dimensions                 70 mm 175 mm 300 mm
Connection of secondary measuring line Connector 1,5 mm² Connector 1,5 mm² 3 m / 0,5 mm² 3 m / 0,5 mm² 3 m / 0,5 mm² 5 m / 0,5 mm² 5 m / 0,5 mm²   3 m 3 m 3 m
Item numbers
  RM27 VCT32 TQ30 TQ40-B TQ40-C TQ50-E TQ50-L JA900315 JA900249 JA900250 JA900251
RM27-series current transformers - ELEQ

Current transformer for use in combination with three-phase switch (rm27)

Current measurement at a lower level is necessary in many installations. Relatively low values ​​are measured at this low level and the available space is minimal. In addition, the measurements must meet high accuracy (minimum class 1).

Most compact IEC transformer for accurate current measurement

The compact RM27 current transformer is the smallest current transformer on the market and has been specially designed for use in combination with digital measuring systems. The small current transformer is also suitable for use on a three-phase automatic switch with a 17.5 mm distance between the phases. The RM27 is supplied with a connector with terminal technology for mounting on secondary connections. Optionally, mounting on a DIN rail or clip for screw mounting is possible.

Features RM27 compact current transformer:

  • Ideal for detailed current measurements at level 4, where no direct energy meters can be used.
  • Secondarily easy to connect with the wago picomax connector
  • Meets the requirements of IEC61869-2
  • Ideal for detailed flow measurements up to automatic level
  • Primary lead-through opening suitable for cable Ø7.5 mm
  • Super compact, suitable for use on a 3-phase machine
  • Accuracy class 1, suitable for energy monitoring
  • Output power tailored to modern meters such as Janitza
  • Available in 35/1A and 64/1A transfer ratios
  • Also suitable for mounting on a DIN rail with optional adapter


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Current transformer with a fused voltage tap (vct)

To measure power, the voltage and current values ​​of each phase must be known. The power sensor (VCT) from ELEQ combines three functions in one product: the fused voltage tap, the current transformer and the connection terminal.

One product for voltage and current measurements

The VCT32 from ELEQ combines accurate current measurement and fused voltage branching and a 16mm² connection terminal in one product. By applying the VCT32, the chance of connection errors is minimized and higher safety requirements are met, less installation space is required and the costs for installation are lower.

Characteristics of current transformer with fused connection (VCT32):

  • Minimizing connection errors through 3-in-one product
  • To be mounted on DIN rail or on the mounting plate
  • Easy to install
  • Specially developed for power measurements up to 64A
  • Including special short-circuit proof (70kA) SIBA fuse (2A)
  • Available in transfer ratios 32 / 1A and 64 / 1A
  • Accuracy class 1 for the current transformer


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Current transfer with fuse connection - ELEQ
TQ series current transformers - ELEQ

Compact divisible current transformer for cables

Quickly perform accurate flow measurements in small spaces or existing installations? Then is the TQ line divisible current transformers from ELEQ a suitable solution.

Simple and fast flow measurement

Current transformers are easy to install due to the compact design, the hinge construction and the supplied tie-rips around the transformer to mount the insulated conductor. The long color-coded secondary connections ensure that the transformer is seamlessly connected to the energy meter.

The specified power rating applies at the end of the secondary branches and is adjusted to modern energy meters such as the Janitza meters. The transformers meet the requirements of IEC61869-2, which guarantees accuracy.

Features of the TQ series divisible current transformers:

  • Compact and divisible
  • Suitable for the insulated conductor
  • Suitable for energy measurement
  • Color-coded connections simplify assembly
  • Available in many variants and transfer ratios (see table)


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Insured voltage cover for rail mounting

For creating a safe and simple voltage branch in your distribution system, the secured voltage branch UAK and ZK4 from ELEQ is the suitable solution. Thanks to the fused voltage branch, both the measuring line and the object to be connected are protected via the integrated fuse. The branch on the voltage-bearing rail is also immediately secured. Both series of voltage branches have a high short-circuit resistance, which makes them suitable for all types of installation cabinets with voltage-bearing rails.

Features UAK and ZK4 fused voltage tap:

  • Safe branching of voltage for measuring purposes
  • All models with fuse directly on rail
  • Extremely suitable for use in combination with power meters
  • Simple and safe assembly
  • Suitable for a fuse with short-circuit resistance up to and including 70kA


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Insured voltage cover for rail mounting - ELEQ
Voltage tap - Phase terminal with fuse - ELEQ

Voltage cover for wire: with or without fuse (uad)

Branch fused measuring voltage from an isolated state? Then the UAD voltage tap is the suitable solution. The fuse of the voltage tap is mounted directly on the primary conductor. This ensures optimum safety. The UAD from ELEQ is a fast and safe way for measurements in existing installations.

Features of the UAD voltage branch for wire:

  • Safe branching of voltage for measuring purposes
  • Simple and safe assembly
  • Suitable for fuse with short-circuit resistance up to and including 70kA
  • Resistant to temperatures from + 5°C to + 55°C
  • Protection class IP20


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