ELEQ - Measuring, protecting and connecting electrical energy

ELEQ offers a large number of solutions for protecting, measuring and connecting electrical energy. ELEQ develops and produces transformers, inverters, meters and connection technology. Quality products that find their way to, among others, electricity companies and industry. ELEQ works worldwide for renowned energy companies, system builders and installers

In 1946 ELEQ was founded by Herman Faber and Edgar Getreuer. They start with small-scale manufacturing of measuring instruments. Anno 2016 ELEQ has 250 employees.


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Current transformers and voltage tapers for energy measurement

Current transformers are used for measuring high currents. If you want to measure a current of 1000 amperes (A) with an energy meter, the current must first be transformed downwards 200 times. Current transformers are used for this purpose. 

Voltage tap terminals 

Voltage tap clamps are ideally suited for quick and safe measurement in existing installations. Both for temporary and permanent voltage measurements.


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Current transformers - ELEQ
Current transformer RM 27 - ELEQ

The RM27: the smallest current transformer ever

Measuring measure energy in small spaces is difficult. Therefore fortop developed in collaboration with ELEQ the RM27. This is an absolute breakthrough in the measurement of energy consumption in small groups of up to 63A.

Compact design

With a width of 27mm and a 17mm pitch of the current transformer is the smallest of its kind. The secondary current of 1A has an output of 0,2VA, more than adequate for modern energy meters as Janitza and EMU ElectronicRead more about ELEQ RM27 - The smallers current transformer.


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Divisible current transformers - TQ-series by ELEQ

Placing energy measurements in existing installations often causes problems in practice. Fortop has included a number of smart solutions for the connection of energy meters in existing installations in its program.

Divisible the solution

Problems that arise when placing energy measurements in existing installations are: limited space, not the possibility to detach cables, de-energization is not always possible and the required accuracy class can not be achieved. Divisible current transformers are the solution! Read more about shareable current transformers. Read more about divisible current transformers


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Divisible current transformers - ELEQ

Split current transformer - TQ series current transformers - ELEQ

Current transformer with voltage tap - ELEQ

A transformer is a static electrical device consisting of magnetically coupled coils. The power transformer (standard IEC 60076-1) is a transformer on the high-voltage grid and transforms the power of more day +-10 megavoltampere (MVA). Its operation is the same as that of a standard transformer. 

Power transformer VCT32 - ELEQ

Measuring electrical power requires both the voltage and the measurement current of each phase. In cabinets there is often little space to place measuring current transformers and voltage tap terminals. The Power sensor. Model VCT32, of ELEQ combines 3 functionalities in 1 product:

  • Rail clamps
  • Current transformer
  • Voltage tap

The fuse is mounted directly on the primary conductor. This creates a short unprotected section of the measuring line which provides a much higher degree of protection. By applying the VCT32 of ELEQ you need less wiring which leads to lower mounting costs, higher reliability due to fewer connections, saves space in the cabinet and the chance of connection errors is small.


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Current transformer with voltage tap - ELEQ VCT32