EMU electronic: Digital energy meters

EMU Electronic AG was founded in 1989 as a spin-off of Landis & Gyr. The founders Eberli and Muntwyler have developed the world's first digital energy and power meters. EMU provides insight into the energy consumption of your business or home.

The world's first digital energy meter

EMU Electronic has been developing the world's first digital energy meters and data loggers for more than 23 years. EMU meters can be mounted by means of DIN-rail mounting and suitable for comptable measurements due to MID certification. The meters can be read remotely based on different network protocols.


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The energy management system for the utility

EMU Electronic provides total solutions for measuring, monitoring and reporting electrical energy and other energy flows such as gas, water and heat.

kWh meters with many types of bus systems 

The measuring instruments can be equipped with a variety of bus systems such as M-Bus, Modbus, KNX, Modbus TCP and BACnet IP. This makes the meters easy to integrate into different types of building management systems. With the M-Bus datalogger it is possible to store, visualize and link the data of different M-Bus kWh meters via Bacnet IP or OPC UA. With Joulio web (software) the systems are complemented and the energy flows can be monitored via a Web-based interface both locally and in the cloud.

Due to the simple installation and configuration, the EMU Electronic systems are ideal for any installer who wants to offer a total solution for energy monitoring in, for example, schools
, utilities, office buildings and apartment complexes.


The energy management system for the utility - EMU Electronic


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EMU Electronic - One meter for every application!

EMU Electronic kWh meters

The EMU Electronic program includes a wide range of kWh meters, loggers and software solutions. We can distinguish the kWH meters in a Professional line and an Allrounder line. EMU Allrounder is a universally applicable kWh meter, fitted as standard with a pulse output with the option M-Bus.

M-Bus interface

The M-Bus interface is internally integrated and protected against contamination and manipulation. Different measured values ​​are transmitted via the bus system, for example active energy, active power, current, voltage, frequency. In addition to a kWh meter, the EMU Professional is also a universal meter and can optionally be equipped with an M-bus, KNX, LON, RS485-Modbus or TCP / IP output.


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EMU Allrounder - kWh meter - EMU Electronic
Pulse logger - EMU Electronic

Insight in your energy consumption without major investments - EMU

EMU Electronic Pulslogger

You would like to gain insight into the electricity or gas consumption of your company. You do not want to make a budget for expensive meters and software programs and it has to remain simple. Then the EMU S0 pulse logger is the solution. With this logger you have access to all relevant measurement data at any time in the world.

Connecting S0 pulse outputs

The EMU Electronic S0 pulse logger can be used to connect a large number of energy meters with S0 pulse output. You can easily compare energies such as gas, water, heat or electricity. Most energy meters are already equipped with an S0 pulse output. As a result, the energy meters are easily integrated into the EMU S0 Impulse Logger. This keeps existing investments. The EMU S0 pulse logger can connect 9 energy meters with S0 pulse output and two temperature sensors. Read more about pulse logger

EMU - Energy management has never been this simple!

EMU Electronic Professional

Installing complicated software on a server, laptop or PC is no longer necessary. The EMU Professional is a kWh meter, universal meter, logger and web server in one. A standard internet browser is sufficient for the presentation, analysis and export of important measurement data. Saving energy has never been easier.

Different measurement values

The EMU Professional can be equipped with a variety of reading modules. All readout modules are integrated in the EMU Professional, where they are protected against contamination manipulation. A variety of measured values ​​are transmitted via the bus system, for example active and reactive power, current, voltage, active, reactive and apparent power, power factor, power frequency, minimum and maximum values. Read more about EMU professional


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EMU Professional - EMU Electronic

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