Always access to relevant data - EMU S0 Pulslogger

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You are in your office in Zurich and want to know how high the current energy use in your branches in Zurich and London is. You are faced with the choice of a two-day trip or a dozen telephone calls. Both are laborious and take up a lot of your time. But it doesn't have to be like that. With the EMU Electronic S0 Impulse-Logger you have access on your computer screen to all the relevant data, at any time.

Monitorize and analyze

The S0 Impulse-Logger is a S0-pulse log system with which energy use can be monitored and analysed via remote access. Via your IP address and web browser you can call-up the measurement data and load profile and compare them easily and conveniently. This makes efficient and costeffective evaluation possible. 9 energy meters with S0-pulse output and two temperature sensors can be connected to the EMU S0 Impulse-Logger. Read more about products by EMU.


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