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Universal meter EMU professional

EMU Professional is a multifunctional energy and power meter, just 90 mm (5TE) width, with outstanding flexibility and accuracy.

Via direct or current transformer connection it helps to analyse and monitor a variety of parameters in the most exacting applications in the residential, business and industrial sectors. It combines the functions of a multi-meter, a power and energy meter and a data logger.

With the TCP/IP module you can see all the parameters via a password-protected website. Or, even simpler – when defined measurement readings are exceeded or fall below thresholds, the module sends an e-mail or SMS. EMU Professional is manufactured in accuracy class B (+/-1 %), with class C (+/-0.5 %) available upon request by the client. Read more about EMU Electronic.


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Features EMU Professional

MID B + D approval and ISO9001
EMU Professional and EMU Allrounder have been checked and approved in accordance with MID modules B + D (Measurement Instrument Directive). With additional certification according to module D, QM system for manufacture and final inspection, all EMU Professional and EMU Allrounder can be utilised ex factory for billing purposes within the European Union. EMU Electronic AG is ISO9001 certified.
Operation and Display
A 60x30 mm graphic LC-display with LED background lighting makes it possible for parameters and settings to be read, and the figures are very visible. The desired menu language can be selected via the keys.

The clear and intuitive operation makes start-up and daily use of the energy meters easier.
Read-out interfaces
The EMU Professional can be equipped with a variety of read-out modules. All read-outmodules are integrated in the EMU Professional where they are protected from contamination and manipulation. A variety of measurement readings are transferred via the Bus system, for instance active and reactive power, current, voltage, active, reactive and apparent power, power factor, power frequency, minimum and maximum values.

S0-Impulse outputs
On the EMU Professional there are 4 S0 impulse outputs (Opto Power MOSFET, 5–600V AC or V DC, 0,25A) available. With the TCP/IP module impulse outputs may be used as switches in order to switch a relay on or off. Pulse length and rate can be configured via buttons for optimum solution. Pulse outputs are for active and reactive power. 

Standard configuration S0-Impulse output

  • Active energy import
  • Active energy export
  • Reactive energy inductive
  • Reactive energy capacitive
  • An S0-Impulse output can be supplied on request for apparent power.

Adjustable pulse rate and length

  • Pulse rate per kWh/kVArh: 0.001, 0.01, 0.1, 1, 10, 100, 1'000 or 10'000
  • Pulse length in milliseconds: 1, 2 to 250 ms, adjustable in 2 ms-stages
  • Factory set configuration in energy meters for:
  • Direct connection: 1'000 Impulse/40 ms
  • Current transformer connection: 10 Impulse/120 ms

Peak Control and energy direction contact
S0-Impulse outputs (Opto Power MOSFET 5–600V AC or V DC, 0.25A) can be used as switch contacts. If a specific threshold value is exceeded for a set time, the switch contact is activated or deactivated for a specific time.

Threshold value defines which measured value is to be exceeded. Possible threshold values:

  • Active power total
  • Reactive power total
  • Apparent power total
  • Current total
  • Current L1
  • Current L2
  • Current L3

Accuracy in photovoltaic installations
EMU Professional and EMU Allrounder have been specifically tested for use with inverters in photovoltaic installations. An additional inspection ensures that EMU energy meters in the not officially regulated frequency range between 2 kHz and 150 kHz provide a precise measurement. With regard to this problem, renowned specialist journals have reported that measurement
errors of up to 18 % may occur.


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