Small stackable electrical transformer Eleq RM27

Small stackable electrical transformer Eleq RM27

Improving a current transformer, is that possible?

Measuring energy in small spaces is difficult. That's why fortop created in collaboration with ELEQ the new RM27. This is a break through in measuring energy in small groups up to 63A. The RM27 is the smallest of it's kind, with a width of 27 mm and DIN-module width of 17,5 mm. The secondary current of 1A delivers a power of 0.2 VA, more than adequate for modern energy meters such as Janitza and EMU Electronic.

"All new ideas in one concept"

Removable connector

The removable connector has a spring cage terminal block with CAGE CLAMP ® technology. The plug is fitted with integrated pushbuttons and 2 test points. The vibration and shock resistance is extremely high and the internal lock prevents unintentional separation of the connector. The short bridge contact between wire and connector, the additional jamming of the wire after inserting connector and high quality materials ensure a reliable connection.

Pile up!

The RM27 is provided with stack buttons. This allows to assemble the compact transformer module by stacking each one on top of each other. The distance between the openings created is exactly 1 module width (17.5 mm). This creates the possibility of the current transformers neatly mounted on circuit breakers. Ideal for mounting the current transformers in low voltage dividers.

Application in existing installations

Mounting energy meters in existing installations is often a problem. There is no room to mount a kWh meter in an existing distribution unit and it is very expensive primary cabling to route. This problem can be solved by using the RM27. The measuring transformers will be installed at the place that needs measuring, the kWh meter is installed in a separate box next to the distribution unit. Read more about ELEQ.


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