Vision sensors

Vision sensors are suitable for the simplest detections to (complicated) robot applications. From object detection, measuring distance, measuring thickness, recognizing colour, recognizing (bar) codes to breaking control.


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Standard optical sensors

Standard optical sensors are widely used in automation. Because an extensive choice is possible in dimensions, (detection) range and switching versions, many applications are possible with photocells. Possible areas of application are placement detection and detection of transparent objects.

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Colour sensors

Colour sensors detect colours by emitting light (RGB, red, green, blue) to a surface. The colour values are calculated from the reflecting beams and compared with previously stored reference values.

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Colour sensor FT 55-CM - SensoPart

Pull wire switches

A pull wire switch can have different functions. In the simplest case, a pull wire switch provides for opening or closing access gates / doors. The switch can also ensure a safe situation in the form of an emergency stop switch.


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Pull wire switch ZS 71 - steute

Analogue sensors

Analogue sensors detect objects at different distances. The minimum and maximum values are pre-programmed in advance. The sensor outputs the analog values based on these values. For example, if an object is close to the sensor, it gives 0V as output. If he is further away he gives 5V as exit. If the object is at the end of the set range, it gives 10V as output.

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Inductive sensors

 Inductive sensors are ideal for detecting ferrous metals at a short detection distance. Inductive sensors react to metal objects using magnetic fields.

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Measurement light curtains

Measurement light curtains from ReeR Safety are extremely suitable for detecting the presence or absence of objects, counting products, determining the position of a certain object, detecting shape and profile and determining dimensions.


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Measurement light curtains - ReeR Safety

Capacitive sensors

A capacitive sensor switches on conductive substances or liquids and is available in both analogue and non-analogue versions. Capacitive sensors are mainly used for applications such as level measurement.

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Magnetic sensors

Magnet sensors are used where other mechanical sensors do not function due to unfavorable conditions. For example, at high switching frequencies, low or high approach speeds and chemical environments, magnetic sensors offer a good connection, thanks to the encapsulated contacts.

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Ultrasonic sensors

Ultrasonic sensors are sensors that work with sound waves at high frequencies. Ultrasonic sensors can be a useful alternative when optical sensors exceed their physical limits. This applies, for example, to objects or substances with uneven surfaces or under difficult environmental conditions or highly reflective liquid surfaces.

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Absolute and incremental encoders

Encoders are electronic sensors with a rotating shaft that generates pulses when the shaft rotates. An encoder is also called pulse generator. There are basically two types of encoders: incremental encoders and absolute encoders.

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Footswitches are used in industry and machine construction to switch parts on or off, whereby manual operation is not practical or possible.

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Position switches

Position switches check the position of, for example, valves or valves or confirm the presence of an object. The position switches can also be used in extreme conditions in the food industry, marine and offshore.

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Position switch HS98 - steute

Entrance sensors

Entrance sensors ensure a controlled and safe passage of people and vehicles in industrial or hygienic environments.

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Fork sensors and optical windows


Thanks to the precise positioning of the beams, fork and window sensors are very suitable for detection and counting tasks for small parts.

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Foot switches

Foot switches are used in industry and machine construction to switch parts on or off. Foot switches are available with safety function or without safety function.

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Foot switches and foot pedals - steute

Loop detectors

A detection loop is an induction loop of copper wire. By connecting the detection loop to a loop detector, a magnetic field is created. A vehicle disturbs the magnetic field and is recognized. A loop detector for a detection loop provides the signal with which barriers, industrial gates and fences can be opened.

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Loop detector - ProLoop Lite - BBC Bircher Smart Access

Air pressure switches

Air pressure switches are ideally suited as opening sensors for automatic gates and vehicle doors on buses and trains due to their sturdy design and long service life.

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Level sensors

Level sensors are developed for level control. The perfect solution for applications where rotating sensors, vibrating forks or mechanical switches are used.


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