Ultrasonic sensors

Ultrasonic sensors are sensors that work with sound waves at high frequencies that are not perceptible to the human ear. In ultrasonic sensors, an ultrasonic wave is sent through the transmitter. The reflection on an object or dust creates a reflection or echo of the sound wave. The distance can be determined by the time interval between sending and receiving the sound wave. In order to determine the correct distance, a geometric operation has to be carried out, for example a triangulation (triangulation). The speed is also dependent on the temperature. Depending on the accuracy of the transmitter and receiver, the ultrasonic sensor can be used in dusty, humid rooms.

Areas of application ultrasonic sensors

Ultrasonic sensors can be a useful alternative when optical sensors exceed their physical limits. This applies, for example, to objects or substances with uneven surfaces or under difficult environmental conditions or highly reflective liquid surfaces. Typical applications of ultrasonic sensors therefore control the presence of highly transparent films and the measurement of fill levels in liquid containers. A major advantage of ultrasonic sensors is the absolutely reliable suppression of the background as a result of their sound 'time-of-flight' principle.


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Features ultrasonic sensors

Detection of transparent objects

Because the ultrasonic waves from a glass object or liquid surface can reflect and return to the sensor head, even transparent materials can be detected.

Resistant to dirt and dust

The ultrasonic sensor is resistant to fog and dirt, so the detection is not affected by the accumulation of dust or dirt.

Detection of complex shaped objects

Ultrasonic sensors are capable of detecting complex shaped objects. Thanks to the narrow sound cone, objects can be detected through the smallest openings and drilled holes with a diameter of less than 5 mm.

Applications ultrasonic sensors:

  • Detecting pills in the pharma industry
  • Controlling packaging for blister
  • Detecting transparent films in the printing industry
  • Controlling wrapping machines for wrapping pallets with foil

Compact ultrasonic sensor with sound cone

The ultrasonic sensor with sound cone UT 20-S from SensoPart has a very compact cubic shape. The narrow sound cone allows objects to be detected through the smallest openings and drilled holes with a diameter of less than 5 mm.

Ideal sensor for special applications

This makes the ultrasonic sensor ideal for special applications, such as level measurement in microplate wells in medical analysis systems or for scanning printed circuit boards in the electronics industry. The ultrasonic sensor has a switching distance of 150 mm. The UT-20 variant has a switching distance of up to 700 mm. The ultrasonic sensors are available with different outputs: NPN / PNP, NO / NC, 0-10V, 4-20mA or an analogue output.


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Ultrasonic sensor with sound cone - UT 20-S - SensoPart
Ultrasonic sensor - UMT 30 - SensoPart

Ultrasoon sensor with display - Teach-in

The UMT 30-series ultrasonic sensors from SensoPart are multifunctional. The three-digit display makes all sensor settings easy for users. The ultrasonic sensors UMT 30 have a long switching distance of up to 6 m.

Automatic synchronization and multiplex operation

The ultrasonic sensor features automatic synchronization and multiplex operation for simultaneous processing of up to 10 sensors, thanks to the add-on menu.


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Ultrasonic sensors for heavy operating conditions

For harsh operating or environmental conditions, Sensopart has the ultrasonic sensors UT 12 series and UT/UM 18 series. The ultrasonic sensors have a robust metal housing and are easy to install thanks to the universal M12 standard wire.

Stainless steel housing

The UT-12 series has a scanning distance of up to 400 mm and the UT / UM 18 series from 250 mm to 800 mm. The ultrasonic sensors have the following outputs: NPN / PNP, NO / NC, 0-10 V, 4-20 mA or an analog output. The UT / UM 18 series has a variant with a stainless steel housing.


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Ultrasonic sensor heavy conditions - SensoPart
Measurement thickness - Application example

Application example Ultrasonic sensors

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