Detect transparent objects with a sensor

Transparent object detection

Transparent objects pose special challenges for sensors because their low absorption rates require very high switching sensitivity and accuracy. SensoPart offers special retroreflective photoelectric sensors (FR 25-RGO)as well as ultrasonic sensors (UT 20, UT 20 Soundpipe, UMT 30and cylindrical housings) for the reliable detection of such objects. This permits the reliable detection of transparent objects of any shape, and made of any material.

Checking the presence of bottles in a filling plant

The FR 25-RGO retroreflective photoelectric sensor detects transparent bottles in a filling plant.

  • Reliable detection of glass and transparent plastic using the autocollimation principle
  • Reliable detection of any bottle diameters and objects, e.g. small ampoules in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Trouble-free flat glass and foil detection
  • Operating range of up to 2 m, reliable detection from range of 0 mm
  • DELTA function: automatic adaptation of the sensor to changing ambient conditions

More applications

UT 20 Soundpipe ultrasonic sensorsin cuboid housings and the
UMT 30 ultrasonic sensorreliably detect transparent objects in
various industrial sectors.

  • Reliable detection of ampoules in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Dependable monitoring of blister packages for tablets
  • Reliable detection of transparent foils in the print industry
  • Control of pallet packaging plants with transparent stretch foil