Data loggers

Insight into your electricity, water, gas or heat consumption via Ethernet? Or simply retrieve status and error messages? With a data logger it is possible to easily retrieve, log and analyze usage data, operating hours and status messages.


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Janitza PRO Data data logger


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Temporary or permanent measurement?

Is temporary measurement a logical choice? The answer is no. With a temporary measurement, you actually take a picture of the installation, which is only a snapshot. Read 10 reasons to measure permanently.

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GridVis® is an energy management tool that collects data from various consumption meters and power analysers. The software converts this data into understandable reports, visualisation and alarms.

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Gridvis analysis software - energy management system - Janitza

DCEM power management

With DCEM Power Management, problems are detected early and you are warned of problems before they have any effect.

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DCEM power management system - fortop

Customer story - Van den Bor

When Wiebe de Jong took over Van den Bor Elektrotechniek in Nijkerk 12.5 years ago, his first investment was a professional meter. That step is still invaluable for his company and his clients. "Thanks to continuous measuring and my cooperation with fortop, I save clients a lot of money", says the director-owner.

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