DCEM Power Management

Electricity and Power Quality

Electricity today is an indispensable source of energy. Charging points for electric cars, public areas, households, industry and business premises - there are connection points for electric power everywhere. Because electrical energy is not only supplied but also increasingly generated - by solar panels, for example - the network is burdened in a different way. The quality of electrical energy (Power Quality) therefore plays an increasingly important role.

Why power management?

Power management is a continuous improvement process of measuring, monitoring and improving electrical energy. The aim of power management is to save energy, to load the installation as effectively as possible, to reduce the risk of failure and to lower maintenance costs.

More than just measuring kWh

These goals cannot be achieved by monitoring consumption (kWh) alone. The quality of voltage and current is at least as important here. Harmonic pollution, unnecessary reactive power, resonances and voltage dips significantly increase maintenance costs and the risk of failure. 

Insight into real-time measurement data with DCEM

DCEM Power Management provides millisecond insight into real-time and historical measurement data of the entire installation. Data from measuring instruments, switches and UPSs are converted into real-time alarms, visualisations and reports. This information is accessible via a user-friendly web interface on all devices with a standard web browser. The package is infinitely scalable in number of users, functions, data points and locations and has proven its usefulness in applications from 1 to 8000 energy meters in one network.


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DCEM Power Management - fortop
Power management system DCEM - fortop

Features DCEM Power Management

  • Modern DCEM 3.0 Web-based design
  • Responsive, so suitable for viewing on PC, smartphone and tablet PC
  • Unlimited number of users, user management
  • Real-time alerts
  • No specific "in-field" hardware needed, can be installed on 1 standard Windows system
  • Almost all standard protocols are supported, therefore open and flexible

Advantages fortop in combination with DCEM

  • Rapid implementation possible. "Everything is on the shelf
  • In-house development, so customisation possible
  • Measuring instruments and software from 1 source = no shared responsibilities and yet extra measuring functions
  • Commissioning, maintenance (SLA) and (remote) support possible
  • Fortop has extensive application knowledge and experience in various market segments
  • We are true measurement specialists and have measurement, monitoring and improvement under one roof
Power management systeem DCEM - fortop

Standard functions DCEM

  • Alarm manager
  • Visualisation of current and historic readings in numbers and graphs
  • Meter search function
  • Energy manager for analysis of historical energy flows per period per type of consumption 
  • Power-tree for real-time insight into actual power and energy flows 
  • Visualisation of voltage dips, peaks and transients
  • User management
  • Export function

Web-based energy monitoring system

DCEM energy management system uses a web-based visualisation that can be viewed using any modern web browser. 

Features DCEM energy management system web browser:

  • Several people can view measurement data in the energy management system at the same time.
  • Insight into online, historical and alarm data of a meter.
  • Easily find meters with the 'Find and manage meter' function based on description, measurement location or serial number, for example.
  • View meter data with PC, tablet or phone.
  • No installation of an energy management system required.
  • By using familiar web browsers, workshop or software training is not necessary.
  • Customer-specific modifications and/or requirements can be quickly developed by fortop.
Energy management system - DCEM
Energy management system DCEM for hospitals | fortop

DCEM for hospitals / DCEM Healthcare edition

Hospitals have seen a sharp increase in electronic medical devices in recent decades. CT scanners, MRI scanners, X-ray equipment, kidney dialysis equipment and operating robots are now an integral part of healthcare provision. More and better devices are being developed, increasing productivity and reducing the average nursing time. In addition, more and more energy-saving measures must be taken. These include the installation of solar panels, LED lighting and frequency-controlled drives.

The DCEM Healthcare edition is specially geared to these developments and thus to the specific requirements and demands of the critical electrical systems in the healthcare sector. Availability of voltage and current under all conditions, both in mains and generator operation, are the focus. 

Options DCEM Healthcare edition: 

  • Generator bewaking en visualisatie
  • UPS bewaking en visualisatie
  • Logging- en visualisatie stand schakelaars
  • Energiemanager met rapportage mogelijkheid volgens EED
  • Specifieke modules: Redundantiebewaking, Alarmmanager, Single Line, TripleD, Power Quality



DCEM for data centres / DCEM Datacenter edition

The highest possible availability at the lowest possible cost. That is the daily challenge of data centre managers. Maximum server capacity without negatively affecting up-time. In addition, customers want more and more insight into their consumer data and the energy efficiency (PUE) of a data centre is becoming increasingly important.

DCEM Datacenter Edition responds to these developments and is especially tailored to the specific needs of a data centre. The brand-independent platform supports all common protocols and offers insight into the extensive electrical installation of a data centre at a glance. It contributes to increasing the availability of electricity, supports efficient customer management and ensures a more efficient use of your (electrical) technical installation. 

Options DCEM Datacenter:

  • Redundant build-up measurement system (Server A & Server B)
  • Real-time redundancy monitoring at main, PDU and rack level
  • Rack manager (linking clients and feeders to racks)
  • Customer management
  • UPS and generator monitoring and visualisation
  • Logging and visualisation of switch positions
  • PUE visualisation
  • Specific modules: Rack level monitoring (more than 4,000 racks in one data centre), Redundancy monitoring, Alarm manager, Single Line, Fishbone visualisation
Energy management system for data centre - DCEM energy monitoring system
Energy management system export modules - DCEM


DCEM energy management system contains several export modules for exporting consumption data, meter settings, alarms. The exports can be adjusted at customer level.

Types of export modules:

  • Export to HTML, Excel, pdf or CSV format on request
  • Export to third-party systems (BMS, accounting system)
  • Date selection of desired start and end date
  • Maximum power over selected period
  • Average power for the selected period
  • Power at time of export
  • Serial number and current transformer energy meter

Power tree function - DCEM Power Management

The Power Tree provides real-time insight into the current energy status of the installation. A choice can be made between consumption (kW) and actual load of the installation (kVA). The Power Tree can be built and set up by the users as they see fit.

Visualisatie Power Tree

Consumption manager and consumption overview - DCEM Power Management

With the consumption manager it is possible to classify the consumption per type of consumption (e.g. per cost centre, building section or customers) and to perform a historical analysis on this. The consumption manager can be set up by the user entirely according to his own preferences and is the ideal tool for creating reports for the EED, for example.

Visualisatie verbruiksmanager

Dips and peaks manager - DCEM Power management

The dips and peaks manager provides an overview of all short term failures in the power grid. The recordings can then be made visible in order to determine whether the failure originated from within the system or from outside.

Visualisatie dips en piekenmanager

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