M12 power cables

Nowadays everything is plug-in. Everything can be connected to each other with a simple action. With M12 Power it is possible to make power plug-in. By using splitters, the total length of cables becomes shorter and cabling costs are saved.

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Industrial ethernet

Industrial Ethernet cables can now be found in any machine or work environment. The Ethernet cables from ESCHA are available in 4-pin (D-coded) or 8-pin (X-coded) M12x1 connections.

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Industrial connectors

Industrial connectors are available in different materials, each suitable for a specific application. Normal environmental conditions, high temperature environments, aggressive environments, as well as environments that require electromagnetic compatibility.

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Industrial connector Squich - ILME

Adapters and splitters

Adapters and splitters are of fundamental importance in all installations. Adapters and splitters provide extra flexibility, cost savings and overview.



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Splitters and adapters - ESCHA

Sensor and actuator cables

Sensor and actuator cables combine the typical requirements of the automation industry in one product: halogen, PVC and silicone free. Suitable for energy chains, fire retardant, resistant to chemicals, oil, microbes and hydrolysis. Available with different cable qualities such as PVC, PUR and PURrobotic.

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Installing a pluggable power supply network Use the M12 Power cables from ESCHA!

Steven Hill | Managing director

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I / O distributors

The I / O junction box with active logic function sends the signals to a central control unit. The individual connections are connected by means of different fixed combinations that work with AND and OR logic.

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Data cables

Data cables from ESCHA bring data from point A to point B with less data loss. The data cables are 360° shielded: equipped with an additional shell according to the patented two-shell shielding concept.


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Data cables - ESCHA

Food & Beverage

In the food industry, specific requirements are imposed on machines and installations. These requirements are much higher than the requirements in classical mechanics. The products of ESCHA and ILME offer high protection against cleaning agents.



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Food & Beverage connectors - ESCHA

CANopen / DeviceNet

Devicenet and CANopen are communication protocols where both a power supply and data go over a cable. UL and CSA certified shielded PUR cable for the automation industry. This data cable supports both CANopen and DeviceNet based field buses. With the high transfer speeds it is possible to transfer real-time data without problems.

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High temperature

The high temperature-resistant materials of the high-temperature cables of ESCHA guarantee an optimal operating mode, even in extreme temperatures. Permanent ambient temperatures of -20 °C and +150 °C and short-term temperatures of +200 °C are not a problem for the 'high temperature' line.

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Profibus cables

Profibus cables must comply with Bus-specific requirements of the Profibus / Profinet organization (PNO). The ESCHA cables comply with this and are available in different variants.

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Profibus cables and connectors - ESCHA