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Out program contains high quality connectors for power supply, control signals and data transfer. A valuable addition to the automation program of fortop.


Connectivity power follow bus

From central to network

Escha power follows bus

Industry 4.0, IoT and BigData are known to everyone and offers unprecedented opportunities. But what about the elementary - the wiring philosophy? Whereas previously the cabinet was the central element of the automation, the automation technology is now decentralized to the field. Read more about power follow bus.

For extreme conditions

Ilme T-type

The isolated T-type housings of Ilme are made of synthetic thermoplastic material. They are anti-static and mechanically resistant. This makes them resistant to (most) chemical products for industrial purposes, including salt and the most common cleaning products. This makes the series T-type suitable for use in harsh environments such as offshore and the food industry. Read more about food connectors.

connectivity food connectors

Fast mounting by snap-in connector

Ilme Squich

Your screwdriver can remain in the toolbox, regarding to Ilme. Mounting multi cables to a connector can be done quickly and without tools. Using Ilmes Squich a multi-connector can be assembled much faster and easier. The smooth control wiring is common ground put with a snap-in mounting. Read more about snap-in-connectors

Safe and fast 'pluggable' connection' of your current transformers

Ilme short circuit connectors

With the new patented short-circuit connectors ILME is an interesting and affordable solution offered. If the connector is disconnected, the short circuit bridge for all three phases is automatically activated so that never occur "open terminal". ILME has a wide range of enclosures in both plastic and metal versions to an IP rating of IP68. By applying the Squich® technology to assemble the connector parts quicklyRead more about short circuit connectors

connectivity short circuit connectors

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Looking for more than a standard solution? Escha offers customized

Custom made connectors At ESCHA, you get all from one hand: innovative standard connectivity, individual and special solutions, and custom-made automation components according to protection classes IP67, IP68 and IP69. Take advantage of ESCHA's years of experience in connector-, housing-, and tool...

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