Sensor cables and actuator cables - Connectivity

Many different sensor and actuator cables are available on the market. In many applications standard connection technology cables do not lead to the desired results. In addition to the standard range, ESCHA also has specially tailored cables according to the wishes and needs of the user. The base line cables from ESCHA are standard M12x1 connectors for anyone looking for a standard cable. Nothing more nothing less.

Different cables

ESCHA has different cables for different applications in the range, among others; Base line, Automation line, Food and Beverage and High-temperature.


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Automation line cables - ESCHA

Automation line cables

The automation line cables combine typical requirements within the automation industry in one product. Halogen, PVC, silicone-free cables, adapted cables for drag chains, welding field and immunity chemicals, microbes and hydrolysis-resistant cables. The automation line cables have a degree of protection of IP65, IP67 and IP68 and are UL certified. The extensive automation portfolio includes LED versions, wire grips for protective pipes, 360 ° protected cables with ESCHA patented 2SSK technology. The cables have a higher adaptation of the pull chain and resistance to twisting. The automation line cables consist of M12x1 cables, M8x1 cables and Ø8 mm snap. The cables can withstand temperatures of -30 °C and +90 °C.

Black vs. blue

The older blue cables are gradually being replaced by the black connectors. The advantages of the black connectors are; the locking nut is located directly on the handle of the housing, which ensures optimum support of the connector. The rougher knurl improves handling and grip.

The automation line cables, indicated with S7400, are round M12x1 and M8x1 connectors with flexible, silicone and halogen-free control lines. The S7400 series cables have been specially adapted for applications in robotic, handling and assembly technology. The new line is also called 'Automation Line robotic' and can be recognized by the orange color of the cables.


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Food and beverage cables

In the food industry, the specific requirements of the machines and installations are much higher than those of classical mechanics. ESCHA connectors with 'Hygienic Design' make it possible to use components in applications where they come into contact with food. Contact between materials and the food to be processed is prevented and high protection against cleaning agents is ensured.

Robust and resistant to aggressive substances

The special structure of the surface of the connectors prevents the remaining residues and staining. The TPE-based overmold and cables are resistant to ECOLAB-certified cleaning agents. This ensures that the sealing and optical properties remain intact in the long term with regular use of aggressive substances, even at temperatures from -40 °C to + 105 °C. TPE is an extremely resistant material that is very suitable for applications in milk processing. For applications with fewer requirements than milk processing, the PVC cables P00 and P01 (both UL approved) are excellent alternatives. The food and beverage cables have a degree of protection of IP65, IP67, IP68 and IP69. Read more about Hygienic Design cables.


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Food and beverage cables and connectors - ESCHA
High temperature cables | -190 °C | +260 °C | ESCHA

Cables for high temperature | -190 °C +260 °C

Thanks to the high temperature-resistant materials of ESCHA's high-temperature cables, we guarantee optimum reliable operating mode, even in exceptional temperatures. Permanent ambient temperatures of -20 °C and +150 °C and short-term temperatures of +200 °C are not a problem for the 'high temperature' line. The high-temperature cables are available as 3-, 4-, 5-, 8- or 12-pole, M8 or M12.

S2430, PTFE cables

The thermal resistance of these high temperature cables ranges from -190 °C to + 260 °C. Due to the fully fluorinated sheath and wire insulation, the cable is perfectly suited for applications in high-frequency cables, as a control cable in critical temperature zones and in the computer and aerospace industries. Moreover, it is distinguished by a very good chemical strength, as well as its ozone and weather resistance.


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Overmolded connectors in Deutsch-DT design

The agricultural sector and the vehicle industry have high demands when it comes to connectivity. Daily heavy loads and varying environmental conditions pose special challenges. In these sectors, the trend is moving from manual assembly to overmolded and ready-to-use connectivity. The advantages of this solution are obvious: a lower error rate and faster, cost-effective cabling with higher reliability.

The Deutsch-DT design connector product range combines all these advantages in one product. It is no longer field-wireable components, but a one-shot solution developed at ESCHA from the ground up. 


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Overmolded connectors in Deutsch-DT design - ESCHA
Data cables - ESCHA

Data cables for industry

Many different data cables are available on the market. In many applications, standard data cable does not lead to the desired result or a machine uses Industrial Ethernet or a fieldbus.

Types of data cables

ESCHA has different cables for different applications in the range. ESCHA has cables for the following field buses: Profibus, ModBus, CANopen and DeviceNet. Ethernet / IP, PROFINET, EtherCAT, Modbus-TCP, POWERLINK are Industrial Ethernet cables.


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Valve plugs - Valve connectors

Valve plugs or valve connectors are suitable for applications with minimal installation space. Valve plugs with and without LED are available. The LEDs are clearly visible in all mounting positions. Valve connectors are available with 0.15 to 10 m cable, PVC or PUR. The valve connectors are resistant to contact with oil and grease, temperatures -30 ° C to + 90 ° C and harsh conditions. The valve plugs are designed in various forms: A, AA, B, BI, C, CI and AAG.

Features valve plugs:

  • Up to IP68
  • 0.15 to 10 meter cable
  • With or without LEDs
  • PUR / PVC
  • UL certified materials and cable qualities


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Valve connectors - ESCHA


ESCHA patch cables carry data from Point A to Point B with less data loss. Why do they lose less data? ESCHA cables are 360 degrees shielded: they are equipped with an extra casing according to the patented two-shell shielding concept.

Data loss

In the connector, the patch cable loses the most data. Despite the fact that most patch cables these days contain a casing that protects them from data loss, these casings only run through the cable. ESCHA patch cables are shielded a long way into the connector, whereby the patch cables sustain less data loss.