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ESCHA develops and manufactures its products in Germany. Worldwide, about 600 people work for ESCHA. Together they generate an annual turnover of approximately € 55 million. Because of ESCHA's global distribution and manufacturing facilities in Europe, America and Asia, they guarantee worldwide consistent product quality and services.


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More than a standard solution: ESCHA offers custom solutions!

German connector and housing manufacturer develops over thirty years solutions for automation technology and mechanical engineering. Fortop brings the entire product portfolio of Escha, both the standard and the custom made products in the Dutch, Belgium and the United Kingdom markets.

tailored connectivity solutions

Escha produces tailor-made daily customer-specific solutions every day. Escha is an A manufacturer of connectors and housings and has an extensive portfolio of high-quality and reliable round connectors and customized solutions that perfectly complement the offer

Ralf Rodert, Sales Manager at ESCHA

"We are happy with fortop as a sales partner for the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK. It is a company with the same core values as ESCHA: Enthusiasm for technology, focus on quality products and solutions and much emphasis on details." He adds: "Fortop is active  in the market for a long time, has a large network and has relevant experience in the industry. Together we will increase the presence of ESCHA in the market."

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Hygienic design is a must

Connectors for food industry Since the beginning of 2014, ESCHA has had its current connector generation for Food & Beverage-applications on the market. As particularly high standards for automation components are required in the food- and beverage industry, ESCHA connectors do not only co...

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