New coding types for M12x1 POWER

New coding types for M12x1 POWER | ESCHA

As electronic devices increasingly getting more compact, demand for a similarly compact power supply via the standardized- and industrially proven M12x1-interface (according to IEC 61076-2-111) has risen continuously. To this effect, ESCHA has extended its existing product portfolio M12x1 POWER by two new coding types. 

L-coding and K-coding

In addition to the available 4-pole components with S-coding (630V, 12A) and T-coding (63V, 12A), components with L-coding (63V, 4-pole without FE conform to PNO-guidelines) and K-coding (630V, 12A, 4+PE) are immediately available.

Due to their compact housing style, these products are especially adapted for power supply in the automation filed. Fieldbus controlled I/O-boxes, power supply devices or small servo motors are among the classical applications. 
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Power follows bus

Besides the obligatory connection- and junction cables, relevant T-junctions, H-junctions and h-junctions with L- and K-coding types are available at market launch as well. The junctions facilitate a decentralized- and structured wiring of energy supply similar to bus wiring. At ESCHA, we designate this approach as ‘Power follows Bus’.

All components have been thoroughly redesigned and are dust- as well as water-proof according to protection classes IP65, IP67, and IP68. They have been designed in such a way as to meet the requirements according to UL 2337. The products enable a large extension of power distribution due to a connection cross-section up to 2.5mm². The slight voltage drop in contrast to small cross-section is a big advantage particularly in case of direct current voltage.

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