Position switches and limit switches

Position switches or limit switches check the position of valves or confirm the presence of an object. The position switches can also be used in extreme conditions. Think of ATEX environments, food industry or marine and offshore. The extreme switches have a special housing, IP69K seal or are ATEX certified.

Compact wireless position switches

Designers of machines are ften looking for compactly constructed position switches that are easy to assemble, even in hard-to-reach places. Wireless position switches offer the solution.

For more than 50 years steute has been developing and manufacturing switchgear, sensors and control units for industrial automation, medical equipment and building automation. Steute is the specialist in the field of safe switching applications. 


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Position switch RF RC 10 - steute
ES/EM 97 series position switches with improved modularity - steute

ES/EM 97 series position switches with improved modularity

The main features of the ES/EM 97 series of position switches are its modular design, compactness and, in addition, its user-friendliness.  

The actuators are very easy to assemble, replace or rotate in 90° increments. In addition, these screws are now also made supposedly non-lossable.

Universally applicable

The ES/EM 97 series features as many as 19 different actuators (various roller tappets, wire levers, roller levers, tactile springs...) and sizes according to EN 50047, making it universally applicable for a multitude of applications. Read more about the EM/ES 97 series of position switches.


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Position switch with saltwater-proof housing - Analogue output - ATEX

Steute has developed a position switch for extreme applications. The position switch does not work with the conventional "on / off" technology, but generates an analog signal, corresponding to the exact position of the actuator or plunger / piston. The position is determined by an integrated Hall sensor that produces an output signal in accordance with one of the three current standards 0 ... 20 mA, 4 ... 20 mA or 0 ... 10 V.

Robust, salt water resistant position switch HS 98

The HS 98 is one of the proven and tested extreme 98-series position switches by, among other things, its robust and salt-water-resistant metal housing, high protection class and standard dimensions according to DIN EN 50041. The various actuators can be rotated by 4 x 90 °, which means versatile integration of the analog position switch in the construction allows. Read more about position switches with analog output.


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Position switch HS 98 - steute
Wireless magnetic switch RF 10-H - steute

Wireless position switch small dimension 40x40x20mm

Designers of machines are often looking for compactly constructed position switches that are easy to assemble, even in hard-to-reach places. The Wireless Cube RF 10 from steute offers a wireless solution. The range of the signals is in the open field up to 300 meters and within 30 meters. An alternative version is also available in the form of a contactor with a reed contact. Read more about wireless position switch RF 10.


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Wireless limit switch self-equipped without battery

The wireless 13 wireless position switches from steute are very compact in design. Measuring only 49 x 40 x 21 mm, they are the smallest self-sufficient (kinetic energy) wireless switches for industrial applications on the market. And, what you can not see, they equal the switching performance of a microswitch.

Electrodynamic energy generator

Like the larger series, the RF 13 is equipped with an electrodynamic energy generator. This miniature generator converts the kinetic energy released when the switch is released into electrical energy, which is then used to deliver the signal. Read more about wireless position switch.


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Wireless position switch compact cube RF 13 - steute
Extreme position switches EX 97 and 99 - steute

corrosion resistant and dust proof and shock proof position switch

Two recent additions to steute's Extreme range are the position switch series Ex 97 and Ex 99 with standard dimensions according to DIN EN 50047 and DIN EN 50041. The position switches are corrosion-resistant, dust-proof and extremely shock-resistant. They can be used in Ex zones 21 and 22 for dust and Ex zones 1 and 2 for gas.

Magnetic sensors

Stute magnetic sensors, made of impact-resistant plastic and with real Extreme properties, are produced as an alternative to mechanical switches. For example, the position switches work in environments with temperatures up to -60 ° C and they still suffice the shock test of 7 joules. And because they have a high seal, they are extremely durable - even in very dusty environments.


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Wireless position switches with movable actuator

The steute RF 95 D wireless position switch has a thermoplastic housing. The position switch has a self-sufficient power supply (kinetic energy) with a seal of IP67. The actuator of the steute RF 95 D is equipped with a swing handle. The lever angle is adjustable in 10 ° increments. The roller is made of wear-resistant plastic and the actuator can be moved by 4x 90 °.


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Wireless position switch RF 95 - steute
Position switch ES 41-PH with parallel roller lever - steute

Position switch with safety function - +180°C Extreme

The ES 41 PH position switch with safety function is resistant to extreme temperatures of + 180 ° C with its metal housing (sealing degree IP65). The position switch is equipped with a parallel roller lever actuator with a maximum speed control of 0.5 m / s with an operating angle of 30 °. The actuator of the position switch can be adjusted 4x 90 °.


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