Steute innovates its position switches, improved modularity and top user-friendliness

steute ES/EM 97ES/EM 97 modulaire positieschakelaars - steute

The main features of the newly developed position switch series ES/EM 97 are its modular design, its compactness and also its user-friendliness.  

The actuators are very easy to mount, to replace or to rotate in steps of 90°. In addition, the screws have now been made so-called captive.

In the past, it was possible for a screw to fall into the machine when unscrewing it. Apart from the fact that this costs a lot of time and aggravation, it also often leads to dangerous situations, because loose components roam through machines. This is now a thing of the past. 

A smart solution has also been devised for fitting the cable. The switching element can be removed from the housing very easily, which makes connecting the cable to the screw terminals very simple. The switching element is easily replaced and the connection is completed. 

User-friendliness has been greatly improved and a considerable amount of installation time saved. Especially for such a compact switch, steute has succeeded very well.

Universal use

The ES/EM 97 series has no fewer than 19 different actuators (various roller tappets, wire levers, roll levers, tactile springs, etc.) and dimensions according to EN 50047, making it universally usable for a multitude of applications.

Position switch with safety function

The new series can also be used in machine safety applications as position switches with safety function. In combination with a suitable controller they achieve a safety level corresponding to Performance Level e to EN ISO 13849-1 and SIL 3 to EN 62061

Two additional actuators are available for the position switches with safety function. In the "AZ" version the ES 97 becomes a safety switch with separate actuator - the classic version for position monitoring of safety doors for machine safety. And the ES 97 SB is suitable for the space-saving, hinge-mounted position monitoring of hinged safety doors. 

With the ES/EM 97, steute en fortop expands its product range with a particularly compact, flexible, robust and high-quality series of position switches, which can be flexibly adapted to individual applications and are also very user-friendly. 

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