Steute - Switches and safety switches

For more than 50 years steute has been developing and manufacturing switchgear, sensors and control units for industrial automation, medical equipment and building automation. For example pull-wire switches, position switches and wireless switches. Steute is the specialist in the field of safe switching applications. 

Custom made solutions

The products from steute provide switching solutions for every application. Steute has a solution for every application. These are most standard solutions. If there is no standard solution, a custom made product is possible for more demanding applications. 



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Extreme products - steute
Pull wire switch - ZS 71 - steute

Safety pull wire switches with reset button - steute

The safety pull wire switch ZS 71 by steute is available with a protection standard up to IP69K and is therefore suitable for environments where regular cleaning is required. The pull wire switch is small in size, only 105 mm long and therefore easy to install in small and tight spaces.

Safe locking position

If the pull wire with a maximum of 20 meters loosens, the pull wire switch automatically goes into a safe locking position. The cable switch can be unlocked by activating the reset button. Read more about the safety pull-wire which by steute. 


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Pull wire switch for extreme environments - steute

The ZS 92 S is a pull wire switch with safety functions. The cable switch is equipped with a corrosion-resistant aluminum housing, with multiple coatings (passivated, base coat, powder coating). With a high degree of protection of IP66 / IP67, the pull cord switch is resistant to extreme environments and temperatures from -40°C to + 85°C.

Features ZS 92 S pull wire switch:

  • Degree of protection IP66/IP67 according to EIC/EN 60529
  • Corrosion-resistant housing
  • Stainless steel screws
  • Wire length: 2x 100 meters
  • Temperature resistance: -40 ° C to + 85 ° C.


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Pull wire switch - ZS 92 S - steute
Belt alignment switch - ZS 92 SR - steute

Belt alignment switch with individually adjustable switch points

The ZS 92 SR belt alignment switch from steute monitors the alignment of, among other things, conveyor belts. The large stainless steel roller lever registers, for example, when the conveyor belt is not in the middle due to uneven loading.

Unique switching points

The switching points for the pre-alarm and stopping the system can be set separately between 5° and 35°. This is done very simply by changing the position of the contact blocks in the housing. Read more about the ZS 92 SR belt alignment switch.


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Contactless switch - Magnetic principle for -40°C and ATEX - steute

The RC 2580 contactless sensors by steute work on the basis of a magnetic principle. The housing is made of stainless steel and is thereby corrosion resistant. 

High degree of protection

The contactless RC 2580 sensors are available with a high degree of protection, up to IP69K and is required, ATEX versions are available for Ex zone 1 and 21. The contactless switch is resistant to cleaning under high pressure and temperatures up to -40 degrees Celsius. Read more about steute RC 2580 contactless switch


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Magnetic contactless switch - RC 2580 - steute
Extreme products - steute

Developed for extreme environments - steute Extreme

When other switches can not handle extreme environments, the steute Extreme products are in their element. They are specially designed for use in extreme environments such as high or low temperatures, explosive areas, applications in the food industry or highly contaminated production facilities.


The focus of steute Extreme switches is for use in explosive zones, certified in accordance with European and international standards such as ATEX and IECEx, as well as national approvals, such as GOST and NEPSI.

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'Extreme' switches and sensors by steute

If position switches or sensors are used in the open air, specific requirements are set on these products. Weather influences and tempratures can affect the operation of switches and sensors. Steute extreme has a wide range of switches that are used in extreme environments and / or outside air. The switches are suitable for ATEX zones and have special housings. Read more about steute extreme switches and sensors.


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Extreme switches and sensors - steute
ATEX foot pedal for offshore and maritime - steute

Steute ATEX foot pedal for offshore

As a manufacturer of safe switching components for complex and critical applications, steute offers a complete offshore program that has been specially developed for offshore applications on ships and in ports.

Seawater-resistant, robust design 

The switches are distinguished by a seawater-resistant, robust design and comply with all internationally applicable guidelines, regulations, standards and laws. If desired, an Atex version is available.

Read more about steute foot switches offshore

Steute ATEX safety switch zone 1, 21 and 22

The steute Ex AZ 16 safety switch with separate actuator is suitable for ATEX zones gas 1 and 21 and dust zone 22. The steute safety switch is optionally available with adjusted cable lengths and with two or three contacts.

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ATEX safety switch zone 1, 21 and 22 - steute
Analog position switch HS 98 - steute

Steute analogue position switch

Is the steute position switch open or closed? The steute HS 98 position switch has an analog output that shows the position of valves. The analog signal is 0 ... 20 mA, 4 ... 20 mA or 0 ... 10 V.

Analog position switch with metal housing

The switch belongs to the steute extreme series and has a metal housing that is salt-water resistant according to DIN EN 500041 The actuators can be rotated 90 degrees so that assembly is easy.

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Steute Wireless switching

Steute develops switchgear, sensors and control units for industrial automation, medical technology and building automation. With steute wireless, steute offers a wide range of wireless switching solutions. The wireless switches generate kinetic energy so that some of the wireless switches do not have to be provided with a battery.

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Wireless foot pedal swave - steute
Wireless position switch - steute

Steute wireless position switch

The steute RF 13 wireless position switch has one big advantage. The switch is very compact and suitable for small installation situations. The dimensions are only 49 x 40 x 21 mm.

Switching performance

The switch does not have to be provided with a battery. The kinetic energy released during switching ensures the signal transfer. And – what you cannot see – the wireless position switches are also characterised by a switching performance to match that of any microswitch. Read more about steute RF 13 wireless position switch.


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steute push buttons - wireless

Push buttons provide (a part of) the operation of a machine. A function can be switched on or off at the touch of a button. Standard pushbuttons must always be provided with cabling. This is not necessary for wireless push buttons. In addition to save cable, another big advantage is that large distances can be bridged.

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Wireless push buttons - steute
Wireless position switch - Compact cube RF 10 - steute

Steute position switch - wireless

The wireless position switch steute RF 10 is small in size and therefore suitable for installation in small surroundings. Due to the wireless principle of steute, cabling is not necessary. In the open air, the wireless position switch has a range of 300 meters, inside a range of 30 meters.

The wireless position switch of steute works based on a replaceable battery. The battery has a lifetime of more than 800,000 circuits. When the device switches every minute, the life of the battery is still 2 years.

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Steute wireless foot pedal with safety function

Steute RF GFS 2 D (VD) SW2.4-safe is a three-step foot pedal with safety function. The steute foot pedal works based on OFF-ON-OFF which means that the foot pedal only works if it is partially activated. If the steute foot pedal is not operated, it is in the 'OFF' position. The same applies when the foot pedal is fully activated.

Steute sWave®-safe

The wireless principle steute sWave®-safe is specially designed for safety applications up to PL d and IEC 62061 SIL 2. With steute Swave it is possible to process the circuits and to include them in a database.

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Foot pedal wireless RF GFS 2 D - steute
Inductive sensors - steute

Steute - Inductive sensors for -40°C and +120°C - IP69K

The inductive sensors from steute are characterised by a very stable, long-life construction. A large switching distance facilitates universal application possibilities. The sensors are available as 3-wire DC sensors PNP switch type inserts with 1 NO contact. They work nearly independently of the external conditions, with a high reliability. Read more about inductive sensors.

Different sizes

The user can choose between the different sizes M8, M12, M18 and M30 and then decide whether a plug-in connector or a cable connection is preferred. The degree of protection can be either IP 67 or up to IP 69K.

Read more about inductive sensors by steute

Wireless hand control

The Steute RF HB-4CH is suitable for use in logistics, domotics, machine and plant construction. When employees have to bridge large distances for switch or push buttons, a wireless hand control offers a solution. The steute wireless hand control has four channels that are assigned to a separate function. Due a keycord, an employee always carries the manual control with him. The steute wireless hand control is equipped with a lithium battery that is easy to replace and has a lifespan of more than 800,000 circuits.

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Wireless hand control switch - steute

Network of the future - steute

With sWave.NET Steute presents the next logical step in the integration of switches and sensors in the network of the future: Industry 4.0. In ndustry 4.0 all machines are connected by a wireless system. Machines are capable of sending data back such as  status signals, and which components need replacing The components communicate by the wireless network: with a sensor they transmit their location and also their current status. Company specific network solutions, with their own application servers and interfaces to a company-it-structure offers new opportunities for exchanging information and data.

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Wireless - steute
Meditec - steute

Steute for specific healthcare applications

Whether in diagnostics, the operating theatre or doctors’ surgeries, medical equipment must be operated intuitively if physicians and other medical staff are to be able to concentrate fully on their patients.

In this field of very demanding man-machine interfaces, steute possesses comprehensive expertise. Steute medical contains not only a standard range of foot and hand controls for medical devices, but also numerous tailor-made actuators for highly complex and now often wireless customer-specific applications, e.g. for surgery or ophthalmology.

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Pull wire switch with fiberglass-reinforced housing - steute

The steute ZS 91 pull wire switch has been specially developed for 'extreme' and 'heavy-duty' applications. The housing of the steute pull-wire switch is fiberglass-reinforced and resistant to high mechanical loads. The pull wire has a maximum length of 2x 50 meters. This allows large, hazardous areas to be provided with emergency-off functions. Read more about pull-wire switch steute ZS 91


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Heavy-duty pull wire switch ZS 91 - steute