Steute (safety) switches

Save switchgear for complex en high demanding applications

For more than 50 years Steute has been developing and manufacturing switchgear, sensors and control units for industrial automation, medical equipment and building automation. For example pull-wire switches, position switches, wireless switches. Steute became a specialist in switching!

The products from Steute provide switching solutions for every application. For every example steute has a standard solution and also custom made solution for more demanding applications.

In 1961 Friedheld Rose and Gerhard Sölken started the company Steute. In an old cigar factory in Bad Oeynhausen in Germany they started developing and production of their products. The word Steute comes from the German word steuerungstechnik, it means 'control technical'. At this moment, steute has 300 employees all over the world.


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Steute wireless

Network of the future

With sWave.NET Steute presents the next logical step in the integration of switches and sensors in the network of the future: Industry 4.0. In ndustry 4.0 all machines are connected by a wireless system. Machines are capable of sending data back such as  status signals, and which components need replacing The components communicate by the wireless network: with a sensor they transmit their location and also their current status. Company specific network solutions, with their own application servers and interfaces to a company-it-structure offers new opportunities for exchanging information and data. Read more about wireless switch devices.

Developed for extreme environments

When other switches can not handle extreme environments, the steute Extreme products are in their element. They are specially designed for use in extreme environments such as high or low temperatures, explosive areas, applications in the food industry or highly contaminated production facilities.

The focus of steute Extreme switches is for use in explosive zones, certified in accordance with European and international standards such as ATEX and IECEx, as well as national approvals, such as GOST and NEPSI. Read more about extreme steute switches.

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Steute meditec

Specific for health care

Whether in diagnostics, the operating theatre or doctors’ surgeries, medical equipment must be operated intuitively if physicians and other medical staff are to be able to concentrate fully on their patients.

In this field of very demanding man-machine interfaces, steute possesses comprehensive expertise. Steute medical contains not only a standard range of foot and hand controls for medical devices, but also numerous tailor-made actuators for highly complex and now often wireless customer-specific applications, e.g. for surgery or ophthalmology. Read more about Steute meditec.