Safety interlocks and solenoid interlocks

Unlike classic safety switches, safety interlocks have an additional lock. Electromagnetic door locks are the solution for moving safety devices such as doors, flaps, fences or protective covers. Dangerous machines and machine movements must be stopped when opening a safety device. Magnetic locks or solenoid interlocks must prevent the machines from starting again and must not be manipulated or circumvented.

Safety locks are increasingly used to prevent interruptions to a (production) process by, for example, opening a safety door or safety gate. The use of safety interlocks contributes to consistent productivity and prevents, for example, downtime and restart processes of (production) installations. Safety interlocks can also be used with LOTO procedures.

The safety interlock products comply with all relevant standards, guidelines and regulations regarding machine safety. In combination with safety relays, the safety interlocks reach SIL3 according to EN 62061 or PL e according to EN ISO 13849-1.


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Safety interlocks and solenoid interlocks - steute
Safety lock for ATEX-zones - STM 298-3GD - steute

Safety lock with separate actuator

The safety lock STM 295 from steute ensures that sliding, rotating and removable safety devices such as doors, gates and flaps cannot be opened until dangerous machines or machine movements have come to a standstill.

The safety lock features a glass-fiber reinforced, shock-resistant plastic housing and can withstand temperatures from -20°C to + 55°C. The STM 285 has a protection degree of IP67 in accordance with IEC / EN 60529.


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Door lock on safety gate

When securing a hazardous area with safety gates, the entrance gates must be sufficiently secured or the position checked. Depending on requirements, safety interlocks are used to monitor the entrance gate or to shut down a machine or plant as soon as the gate is opened. In addition, explosion protection requirements play a role in the oil and gas industry.

AZM and STM safety interlock

The AZM 415 and STM 295 safety interlocks meet the requirements of the ATEX and machine directive. The door locks are designed for use in corrosive and harsh environments.


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Door safety lock - steute
Safety interlock for ATEX zones - STM 298-3GD - steute

Safety interlock for ATEX zones

The safety interlock for ATEX applications of steute -the Ex STM 298-3GD- is ideally suited for mounting on the usual profile systems. The safety interlock can be used in ATEX zones 2 and 22.

High locking force

The high locking force (up to 3000 N) prevents operators from opening the door before the dangerous movement has come to a standstill. The safety switch is so powerful that it shows off very well in applications where safety doors open and close regularly. Read more about the STM 298-3GD safety switch.


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Safety lock Safelock - ReeR Safety

The Safelock safety system from ReeR Safety is a safety switch used to protect personnel when opening doors and gates giving access to hazardous areas. The safety switch works by monitoring and interrupting the safety circuit during dangerous scenarios. The Safelock safety system locks and unlocks access to danger zones and guarantees safety until danger has passed.

Available models

The SLK-M switch is activated by a spring and the unlocking takes place by applying voltage / current. The SLK-E works in reverse. The safety switch is activated by tension and unlocked by activating a spring.


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Safety lock Safelock SLK - ReeR Safety