Robust electromechanical lock for ATEX environments

Ex STM 515 - steuteEx STM 515 safety lock from steute

Recently, steute launched the new Ex STM 515. A range of robust electromechanical safety locks specifically designed for use in explosive hazardous environments. The Ex STM 515 locks meet the highest safety standards in ATEX environments and are suitable for use in explosion zones 1 and 21. Variants for gas and dust (respectively Ex zone 2 & 22) are also available (upon request). These solenoid interlocks feature a sturdy, aluminium housing and, with an IP66/IP67 seal, have a high degree of protection against water and dust. 

Monitoring the Locking Status 

The Ex STM 515 has two safety contacts for inclusion in a safety circuit and is also equipped with status contacts. This means that the safety lock not only provides secure locking but also allows for monitoring, for instance, door or flap status. Depending on the model, the Ex STM 515 locks are equipped with an emergency release (front) or even an emergency (front) & escape release (rear), ensuring the lock can be quickly opened in emergencies. 


To enhance flexibility during installation, the actuator heads can be rotated 4 x 90°. This ensures that the Ex STM 515 safety locks can be installed almost anywhere. 

Ex STM 515 Application Areas 

The Ex STM 515 series is available in various models, making the series suitable for a wide range of applications in the chemical, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical sectors as well as in the food and recycling industries. Consuming only 2.5 watts of power, the Ex STM 515 locks provide safe door and flap locking, keeping energy consumption low. Learn more about safety locks and solenoid interlocks.


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