Magnetic sensor for application in extremely cold environments (-60°C)

Magnetic proximity switch - M20

Magnetic sensor M20 - Magnetic proximity switch - steute

In environments with extremely low temperatures, users rely on the contactless operation of sensors. With non-contact magnetic sensors, there is no risk of frozen moisture interfering with the operation of the mechanical switches, such as position switches.

Cold rooms and offshore

The M20 magnetic sensor from steute is very suitable for application in extremely cold ambient conditions. Examples of application areas are cold stores and offshore installations that are placed in Arctic regions or for ships, such as gas tankers, that sail in these areas.

ATEX and IECEx approved

The steute M20 cylindrical magnetic sensors withstand temperatures down to -60°C and have been tested and approved in accordance with ATEX and IECEx for use in gas explosion zones 1 and 21. Because this switch works without contact and there are no moving parts on the housing, the high sealing easier to realize and also ensures a long service life. The mechanical life is over a million operations. Read more about contactless switches with magnetic principle.


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Magnetic sensor with duroplastic housing

Magnetic sensor M20 - Magnetic proximity switch - steute

The housing material, a high-quality fiberglass-reinforced duroplastic, ensures that the high degree of protection of the magnetic sensors (IP 66 to IP 69K) is maintained, even after a 7 joule impact test at these low temperatures.

Detection with magnetic proximity switch

The magnetic sensors are ideal for detecting the position of valves, covers and other moving parts, for example for installations in the oil and gas industry (onshore and offshore), shipbuilding and port facilities. Other areas of application are drilling rig handling systems and positioning on crane booms. The sensors are available with a make, break, change, or bistable grid contact.

Features M20 magnetic sensor:

  • Cold resistant down to -60°C
  • Protection degree IP66 to IP69K
  • ATEX and IECEx approved - zone 1 and 21
  • Duroplast housing


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Scope of application of magnetic sensors

The use of explosion-proof magnetic sensors has a special advantage in environments where there is an excessive amount of dirt or where strict hygiene standards must be observed. This is due to the easy cleaning option of the magnetic proximity switches. Thanks to the high degree of protection, the sensors are further destined for outdoor use.

Encapsulated contacts

Reliable contacting is also guaranteed with aggressive media because the contacts are encapsulated. Another advantage is the possibility of concealed mounting behind non-magnetic materials. The design of work surfaces and storage areas can be carried out without dirt edges or other functionally determined recesses and structures.

In applications where an accurate approach is not possible and where larger tolerances are required, the explosion-proof magnetic sensors are also used.