Mayser Safety Bumpers, Now Delivered 3x Faster

Mayser Safety Bumpers | fortopSafety bumpers, also known as safety bumpers or bumpers, are active cushions made of soft foam, covered by a special cover. Active, because they contain a built-in sensor that activates or deactivates as soon as something comes into contact with the bumper. The soft foam inside provides necessary protection and prevents damage or even injuries. The use of safety bumpers is primarily important for (quickly) moving objects that often require a longer stopping distance.

New Production Process

Thanks to a new production process, Mayser has more than halved the delivery time of safety bumpers by the end of 2023. Previously, the production process for standard bumpers took 24 days, now just 8 days. Naturally, the quality of the bumpers has not changed, and Mayser continues to offer a very high safety standard for all its products.

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Mayser Safety

In addition to safety bumpers, Mayser offers more in the field of machine safety.
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