Miniature switch strips

Miniature safety strips are thin, flexible strips that are electrically conductive and are used in safety applications to detect and stop machines, doors and gates from obstacles or people. They can be installed in different ways and are available in different sizes and profiles, depending on the specific application.

Invisible miniature safety strips

Mayser has developed a range of virtually invisible miniature safety rails for short response times and low installation heights. The smallest miniature safety frame has an installation height of just 4.0 mm and is perfect for integration into any environment. They are used worldwide as safety sensors for machine builders, AGVs, entry and exit areas of buses and trains, moving medical equipment and securing doors on self-propelled vehicles. 

The miniature safety edges have the same properties as standard switch strips, but the big advantage is the small bending radius. This makes the miniature switch strip ideal for installation at an angle. The range offers 70 different profiles in black and grey, but custom profiles and colours are available on request.


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Miniature switch strips
EKS-series miniature switch strips - Mayser

EKS-series miniature switch strips

Mayser's miniature switch strips (EKS) are specially developed for applications where only low installation heights are possible and where a short response time is required. Miniature trip strips are used, among other things, in shielding dangerous edges of automatic doors and windows as anti-jamming sensors. 

Small size, high reliability

Miniature switch strips are also ideal for use as safety sensors for machine builders, moving medical equipment and in the automotive industry. 

The miniature switch strips are easy to bend and ideal for laying in a bend or corner. This ensures there are no dead zones in your application. For customer-specific solutions, it is possible to assemble the switch strip yourself to size.


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Advantages of miniature switch strips

Miniature link frames offer several advantages: 

  • Short reaction time
  • Easy mounting in bends and corners
  • Wide choice of profile types and dimensions
  • Both ready-made switch strips and do-it-yourself versions
  • Resistant to temperatures from -40°C to + 85°C
  • ISO/TS 16949 and ISO/TS 14001
miniature switch strips - Kit - Mayser
Miniature switch strips in medical sector - Mayser

Miniature switch strips in medical sector

Miniature safety lists are also used in the medical sector, especially in patient care equipment. These lists play an important role in ensuring patient safety and reducing the risk of injury.

One of the main applications of these mouldings in the medical sector is at doors of patient rooms and areas. In hospitals and other medical facilities, automated doors are often used to restrict access to patient rooms. By installing miniature safety mouldings on these doors, the doors can be stopped immediately if they come into contact with patients or medical staff, reducing the risk of injury.

Another important application of these strips is at medical beds. When moving patients in a medical bed, the list can be used to detect if something is in the way and stop the movement of the bed immediately, reducing the risk of injury.

In addition, miniature safety lists are used in other medical equipment, such as X-ray machines and other diagnostic devices. These lists can be used to prevent patients from accidentally coming into contact with moving parts of the equipment, reducing the risk of injury.


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Miniature switch strips on windows

Miniature safety mouldings are also applied to windows to increase safety. These mouldings are often applied to windows on higher floors of buildings, where there is an increased risk of injury from falls.

The frames typically work by using pressure-sensitive sensors that detect when pressure is applied to the frame. If pressure is applied to the frame, this can be interpreted as an indication that someone is trying to climb or fall through the window, and the window can be stopped immediately to prevent injury.

In buildings where security regulations play an important role, such as hospitals, schools or prisons, miniature security lists are also often used to prevent people from gaining unauthorised access to certain areas.


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Miniature switch strips on windows and fences - Mayser
Miniature switch strips on machines - Mayser

Miniature switch strips on machines

Mayser's miniature switch strips fit perfectly on self-closing machine doors. But miniature safety edges are also ideally suited when loading and unloading injection moulding and CNC machines, securing cobots, operating a paternoster and for automatically adjustable worktops.

These switch frames, like the miniature safety edges offered by Mayser, are attached to the edges of machines, robots, vehicles and other moving elements.

The edges consist of a flexible, active strip, so they quickly and accurately detect when pressure is applied to them. When a person or object (touches) the switch strip, the signal is immediately sent to the control unit, stopping the movement of the vehicle or machine immediately.

This ensures a high level of safety and helps prevent accidents. The miniature switch strips are ideal for use in applications with limited installation space and provide a reliable and effective way to ensure safety in automated environments.


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