Safety bumpers

Safety bumpers are active bumpers made of soft foam with a special cover, equipped with an integrated sensor for (disabling) operation. The bumpers work according to the normally closed and normally open principle. 

The soft foam in the bumpers protects people from accidents and injuries and prevents damage to objects and machinery during both long and short braking distances.

Typical applications of safety bumpers: 

  • Preventing damage to AGVs
  • Protection of pinch and slide edges in industry and mechanical engineering
  • Ground handling equipment for airports
  • Lifting devices and platform
  • Gantry cranes and moving machine parts
  • Podium construction/Stage technology


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Safety bumpers and pads - Mayser
Safety bumpers and pads - Mayser

Features and characteristics of safety bumpers

  • Safety bumpers are available in lengths of up to 4 m and in standard or customised designs
  • Increased safety for employees and reduced workplace accidents 
  • Protection rating: IP54 (or higher)
  • Available in different cover types: polyester, special polyester, synthetic leather, fabric cover and PUR coating
  • Optionally available in fire-resistant design for welding applications, among others

Switch element in safety bumper

Safety bumpers from Mayser are available with Normally Open and Normally Closed principles. For a NO bumper, an integrated miniature switch strip or a micro switch can be used. The micro switch is available as both NO and NC contact.

With an NC safety bumper, an NC sensor is incorporated at the front in the foam rubber of the bumper. As soon as the bumper is activated, the circuit is interrupted and the control unit switches. 

All Mayser safety bumpers can be customised to the user's requirements. Both design, shape, surface and colour. In addition, the bumpers are resistant to external influences, such as weather conditions and chemicals. 


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Safety bumpers with NC contacts - Mayser
Control unit for switch mat and safety mat - Mayser

Control unit for gear shifters, safety mats and bumpers

The control units monitor the output signals of Mayser safety mats, safety strips and safety bumpers and ensure safe stopping of the machine or plant. 

Safe shutdown

When the sensor is triggered or on cable interruption, the resistance changes from 1k2 and 8k2. Regardless of the principle applied, the control unit stops the machine or installation.

In addition, Mayser has control units suitable for 4-wire sensor connection.


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More safety products from Mayser