Safety bumpers

Safety bumpers, also known as safety bumpers or simply bumpers, are active cushions made of soft foam with a special cover. Active, because they are equipped with an integrated sensor for switching on and off during operation. The bumpers operate according to the normally closed (NC) and normally open (NO) principle.

The use of safety bumpers is mainly important for fast-moving objects that often require a longer stopping distance. On the other hand, by using safety bumpers, for example, AGVs can drive faster than when using a safety edge. The extra stopping distance that the AGV requires due to the higher speed is absorbed by the bumper in the event of a collision, preventing injury.

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Veiligheidsbumpers en stootkussens - Mayser Safety bumpers
Mayser veiligheidsbumpers


There are numerous applications where a safety bumper can be used. Consider, for example, a:

machine with moving parts

By placing a safety bumper at a location where there is a risk of entrapment, the machine can be stopped when the bumper is activated, for example, if an arm gets caught. Although the machine shuts down immediately, it may still move a small distance. It is then beneficial that the arm is cushioned by the foam, preventing it from breaking or worse...

Stage technology

A stage today is much more than an elevated 'flat surface'. There are often many fast-moving parts, and you don't want to imagine someone getting a finger or leg caught in the chaos. The use of a bumper in such applications is absolutely indispensable.

More applications of safety bumpers:

  • Preventing damage to AGVs and floor transport vehicles
  • Ground handling equipment for airports
  • Lifting devices, gantry cranes, and platforms
  • High warehouse shelving
  • Etc.

Customised safety bumper

The standard safety bumpers from Mayser are suitable for many applications. However, there may be instances where a standard bumper is not sufficient. Please feel free to contact us for a custom-made bumper. Design, shape, surface, and even the colour can all be customized according to your preferences. They are available up to a length of 4 meters and have an IP54 (or higher) protection rating. Additionally, they are weather-resistant, insensitive to vibrations, and resistant to chemicals. Therefore, for any application requiring a safety bumper, the right safety bumper is always available.


To ensure the right cover for every environment, you can choose from polyester, synthetic leather, fabric, or PUR coating. Even a fire-resistant safety bumper is possible (for example, for areas where welding is done).

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Veiligheidsbumpers en stootkussens - Mayser
Veiligheidsbumpers met NC contacten - Mayser

Switching element in safety bumpers

Safety bumpers from Mayser are available in a Normally Open (NO) and Normally Closed (NC) version. For an NO bumper, an integrated miniature switching strip or a micro switch can be used. The micro switch is available as both NO and NC contact.

For an NC safety bumper, an NC sensor is embedded at the front in the foam rubber of the bumper. Once the bumper is activated, the circuit is interrupted, and the control unit switches.

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Control unit for safety edges, safety mats and bumpers

The control units monitor the output signals of the Mayser safety mats, safety edges and safety bumpers, ensuring the safe shutdown of the machine or installation. 

Safe shutdown

When the sensor is activated or in case of cable interruption, the resistance changes from 1k2 to 8k2. Regardless of the principle applied, the control unit stops the machine or installation.

Additionally, Mayser has control units that are suitable for 4-wire sensor connections.


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Controle unit voor schakelmat en veiligheidsmat - Mayser
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