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When it comes to machine safety, a safety PLC plays a major role. Everything related to the safety of your machine converges in the safety PLC. A safety PLC can be connected to devices such as light curtains, position switches, pull-wire switchesfoot switches, etc., to ensure safety.

ReeR Safety offers the Mosaic (MOdular SAfety Integrated Controller) series of safety PLCs and modules, which can be easily configured using the Mosaic Safety Designer software, or MSD for short.


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Discover the Latest Release of ReeR's Mosaic Safety Designer Software

ReeR safety Mosaic Safety Designer software The Mosaic series is a modular system that can be easily expanded and configured to create the right safety system for every application. With the ReeR Safety Mosaic modules, you not only save on cabling, but also reduce the number of relays needed. To properly configure everything, the safety PLC needs to 'know' what to do with a certain input. To make this configuration easy and quick, ReeR Safety has developed the Mosaic Safety Designer software.

The software works through 'drag-and-drop', where you virtually drag the components of the system to the project field and connect them. Simulations are possible to test the system. Additionally, it is possible to generate a project report containing the name, configuration, safety information (PFHd, MTTFd, DCavg), used modules, resources, and components.

In January 2024, ReeR released the latest version of this free software (version 1.9.2). This latest version includes several improvements to enhance user experience and streamline activities. Below are the improvements and adjustments made.


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* Automatic software updatesAutomatische updates

One of the improvements is the automatic updating of the software. The software, when started, automatically checks if new updates are available and notifies you through a pop-up window after which you can install the software update.

From now on, you will always have the most up-to-date software and updates.


* User licence activationGebruikerslicentie-activering

Apply for a free software licence by filling in the registration form. Once you have fully completed the registration form, you will get access to regularly updated software and keep up to date with the latest features and improvements and can use MSD software to also optimise the machine safety of your machines.


* Automatic operator connectionsAutomatische operatorverbindingen

With the 1.9.2 release, it is possible to easily connect input and output operators to a logical operator via the "connections" command.


* Firmware configuration of slave unitsFirmwareconfiguratie van slave units

In this new version of the MSD software, it is possible to configure the firmware version of the slave modules.

With this, ReeR Safety takes another great step towards making things nóg easier for you.


* Automatic input/output assignmentAutomatische in- output toewijzing

This new 1.9.2. release of the MSD software makes it possible to independently assign inputs or outputs of the function blocks in the software to any Mosaic module.

Again, this provides an improved user experience when it comes to configuring the safety of your machine.


Video: Manage all machine safety functions with Mosaic

The possibilities of the Mosaic safety PLC are endless. In combination with the many expansion modules, a suitable safety system can be put together and configured for every machine. Watch the video below and see in less than 5 minutes what the ReeR Safety Mosaic system can do for you, or rather for the safety of the people on the shop floor.




Mosaic M1S COM main module

Mosaic M1S COM basis moduleThe Mosaic M1S COM from ReeR Safety is a powerful main module with integrated fieldbus interface protocols, including Ethernet IP, EtherCAT, Profinet and Modbus TCP. This makes it possible to link safety functions to system processes and enable external connections without having to purchase separate communication modules to do so, making the ReeR M1S COM a cost-effective solution.

With four selectable fieldbus interface protocols via the MSD configuration software, the Mosaic M1S COM is the ideal choice for connecting safety functions to system processes.

Moreover, this main module features four OSSD safety outputs (Ple) or two OSSD output pairs (Ple) and has the capacity to process 128 logical operators. This allows safety applications to be realised even more effectively.


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