Contactless safety switch - Magnetic

Contactless magnetic switches are magnetically operated safety switches that serve to determine the position of rotatable, movable or detachable safety devices. Magnetic safety switches are easy to clean and are ideal for applications where pollution can occur or where high hygiene requirements apply. Due to the high degree of protection up to IP69K, the magnetic safety switches can be cleaned and applied under high pressure, both indoors and outdoors.

Magnetic ATEX switches

For environments where there is a risk of explosion due to the presence of gas or dust, ATEX magnetically operated switches are available. Due to the encapsulation of the contact with, for example, resin, the contactors can also be used in aggressive environments such as electroplating technology.

Different contactors/magnet switches:

  • Magnetic switches IP67
  • Encrypted contactors
  • Wireless magnetic switches
  • Contactors for ATEX


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Magnetic safety switch - Magnasafe - Mechan Controls
Magnasafe-series magnetic safety switches - Mechan Controls

Magnetic safety switch - IP69K

The magnetic safety switch Magnasafe is a magnetic operated safety switch. The Magnasafe switches from Mechan Controls are fully encapsulated with resin, which makes the switch extra strong and resistant to vibrations. The switches are ideal for use in harsh and/or wet environments. Read more about the Mechan Magnesafe serie.

Features magnetic safety switches:

  • IP67 fully sealed, washdown
  • ABS or stainless steal
  • 8-10 mm switching distance
  • 1 or 2 safety contact
  • AC- and DC-version


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Coded magnetic safety switches

The HE-Series from Mechan Controls is an encoded magnetic safety system. The safety system consists of a slimline safety monitoring device with fully encapsulated solid-state safety switches. The HE-Series is designed to combine the ease of use and maintenance of a simple magnetic safety switch with the improved safety, performance levels and indication of Mechanics electronic circuitry.

The fully encapsulated HE-switches are resistant to vibration, leaching and the most aggressive environments and have a safety level of CAT 4 SIL 3 PL-E. The magnetic switch is also available in stainless steel and suitable for use in the food processing and packaging industry. Read more about Mechan HE series.

Features HE-series coded magnetic safety switches:

  • CAT 4 SIL 3 PL-E safety level
  • Encrypted magnets
  • Double color indication on the switch
  • Unique double door safety switches


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Magnetic non-contact switch HE-series - Mechan Controls
O-Type Contactless Switches - Mechan Controls

OHE1 - Magnetically coded non-contact switch

The OHE1 from Mechan Controls is the magically coded non-contact switch within the O-type series, in addition to the ODNK which is uniquely coded with RFID. The contactless switches are equipped with RGD LEDs for status induction and can be connected in series.

The OHE1 features a unique misalignment indication to assist the user in positioning the guard. The O-Type series are the only OSSD safety switches on the market with a 2A safety output. This means you can connect larger contactors, which improves compatibility as well as durability.


Read more about the O-Type contactless switches

Wireless contactless magnet switch

A contactless magnetic switch offers many advantages. When a contactless magnetic switch has to be installed in a small space that is difficult to access, a wireless switch offers a solution.

Contactless, wireless magnet switch

The  RF RC 10 wireless switch from steute has a range of 300m in the open air and 30m in indoor use. The wireless, contactless magnetic switch is equipped with a lithium battery and normally does not need to be replaced due to the minimum battery usage. Read more about wireless contactless switch.


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Wireless magnetic switch for small installation applications - steute
Magnetically coded safety switch - steute

Magnetically coded safety switch - IP69K

The RC Si 56 of steute is a magnetically coded safety switch. The contactor has a glass fiber reinforced, impact-resistant thermoplastic housing (PA 66) with a sealing degree of IP66 to IP69K. The coded contactor is self-extinguishing according to UL 94-V0 and belongs to type 4 locking device. According to the DIN VDE 0660-209, switches and sensors without an integrated safety module may only be used in combination with a safety module up to and including category 4 in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1.

Features RC Si 56 magnetic switch:

  • Protection rating: IP66 to IP69K
  • Low coding
  • EN ISO 13849-1 PL e, category 4
  • Switching distance up to 6 mm


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Contactless magnet switch for ATEX -40°C and IP69K

The steute RC 2580 contactless magnetic switch has a rectangular design and can withstand temperatures up to -40°C. The housing is made of stainless steel and has an IP69K seal. The contactless contactor has an atex certification Zone 1 and zone 21. Read more about RC2580 magnetic switch from steute.

The switch is suitable for:

  • Chemical industry
  • Oil & gas
  • Bulk goods processing


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Magnetic switch RC 2580 - steute