Magnetic switch - steute RC 2580

Magnetic switch RC2580 - steute

As an alternative to electromagnetic switchgear, non-contact sensors are increasingly finding their way into machine and plant engineering. Steute already has a wide range of sensors working according to different principles and is now expanding its range further to include type RC 2580 magnetic sensors. These new sensors are very compact and, thanks to their rectangular design, also easy to integrate in existing machine designs. Their stainless steel housing is corrosion-resistant and their special sealing concept permits protection classes up to IP69K. The RC 2580 series can then also withstand high-pressure cleaning. Also worth mentioning is an extensive temperature range, beginning at -40 °C. Read more about magnetically operated switches and sensors. 

Ex-zones 1 and 21

With these features, the RC 2580 series is also suited to position queries in adverse conditions, e.g. offshore applications on ships, onshore applications in ports or hygiene-sensitive areas within the foodstuffs industry. A high switching distance makes sensor assembly extremely versatile. The potential uses for this magnetic sensor series are added to by the Ex RC 2580. It is certified for use in Ex-zones 1 and 21 in according with ATEX guidelines, qualifying it for applications e.g. in the chemicals industry, the oil & gas industry and bulk goods equipment.


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