The Rechner KA1715 LEAK sensor doesn't miss a drop

KA1715 capacitive leak sensor RechnerThe KA1715 LEAK sensor from Rechner Sensors is an innovative solution for detecting leaks in various industrial applications. This advanced sensor offers users a simple and efficient way to significantly reduce the consequences of damage caused by leaks by detecting them quickly.

Capacitive Sensor Technology

The KA1715 uses capacitive sensor technology to detect changes in the environment that may indicate a leak. This makes the sensor highly sensitive and capable of identifying even the smallest leaks. The “MaG” system (Mount and Go) ensures that the sensor can be easily installed and is immediately ready for use, even after any relocation. Users can also easily mount and connect the sensor without requiring extensive technical knowledge.

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KA1715 leak sensor RechnerOne of the greatest advantages of the KA1715 is its versatility in application. This leak detector can be used in various environments, such as piping systems, tanks, and other containers holding liquids. It is suitable for the food industry and has SIL2 certification and IP67 classification.

Robust Design

With its robust design and PTFE housing, the sensor is also suitable for use in industrial applications under harsh conditions. Moreover, the KA1715 is even suitable for use in explosive environments (dust zone 22 and gas zone 2) and with chemically aggressive liquids. Furthermore, the detector offers real-time monitoring and alarm functionality, meaning that users are immediately informed of any leaks or sensor faults, allowing quick action to prevent damage.

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KA1715 capacitive leak sensor Rechner SensorsThe KA1715 LEAK Detector from Rechner Sensors is a reliable and efficient solution for leak detection. Thanks to the advanced sensor technology and user-friendly design, this sensor is perfect for managing liquid systems and preventing damage caused by leaks.

Some specifications:

  • Mounting: Flush mountable
  • Output function: PNP, 1x NO, 1x NC
  • Operating voltage: 10 - 30 Vdc
  • Permissible ambient temperature: 0 - 60 °C
  • LED display: Green / yellow
  • Connection: 5m cable, FEP, 4x 0.34 mm²

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