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Rechner Sensors capacative sensors and inductive sensors

Inductive and capacitive sensors

Since its founding, Rechner sensors has a leading position in the field of sensor technology. Especially in the field of capacitive sensors for level control or position control. Many see Rechner as synonymous for a capacitive sensor.

Due to the rapid developments in the market and specific customer assortment of Rechner continues to grow. The range includes more than 3,000 models, with a wide range of different sizes and process connections.

Rechner was founded in 1965 and develops and produces since capacitive- and inductive sensors.

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Avoid interference and downtime

The capacitive Smart Paddle Rechner is for the level control of bulk and is designed for liquids with a dielectric constant of 2 to 80. It doens't get any simpler: the user installs the sensor, connect it electrically, and the level sensor is ready for measurement. The Smart Paddle is optimized for different materials. Setting on the product is not required.

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Easy and Reliable Analogue Level Control

The capacitive level probe for analogue level measurement from RECHNER Sensors also has 2 additional binary switching points. The user can set the analogue measuring range anywhere within the measuring area. The two switching points can also be positioned anywhere over the whole measuring area, either within or outside of the set analogue measuring range.

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The alternative to tuning forks, rotary and float switches

The advantages are obvious: easy installation, reliable level control and at the same time solving the well-known issues of mechanical systems being used today. No more down time due to false detections caused by material build-up, such as sticking between vibrating forks or around rotary switches, etc.

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