Sensor with analogue output for level control of products in liquid form

The LevelMaster-sensors by RECHNER Sensors are developed for the level monitoring of products in liquid and sticky form that are adhesive and/or conductive.
Depending on the selected type, the analogue LevelMaster can be used to carry out an analogue fill level measurement across a defined range. At the same time, it is also possible to detect any signs of pollution so that a cleaning process can be triggered. Another application option is a display of the change in the dielectric constant (DC) of the product to be monitored for quality control. For quality control purposes, the empirically determined starting values can be controlled and analysed using for example a PLC.


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Programmable sensor with analogue output

In the case of applications with changing media, the empirically determined output can be programmed by the following control system:
product A = analogue value X, product B = analogue value Y, product C = analogue value Z, etc.

If the product is changed, simply select the corresponding program in the PLC.

The sensors are equipped with our proven EasyTeach function: EasyTeach by Wire (ETW). This makes it very simple and user-friendly to adjust the sensitivity of the product to be monitored. This can also be programmed remotely from a control room.

Rechner offers its sensors in different construction types. Hygienic design is taken into account for applications in the pharmaceutical industry and the food industry.

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