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SensoPart expands the F 55-Series of sensors with 2 types 

SensoPart has added two new sensors to its F 55-series compact range. They use time of flight measurement to detect or measure objects of any color and surface characteristic reliable at a distance of up to 5 m. The class 1 laser sensors are available with either a digital or analogue output and are much smaller than most distance sensors of the same performance category. 

Two variations: proximity switch with background suppression or distance sensor
The proximity switch with background suppression is available either with one or two switching outputs and has an operating range of 0 to 5 m. The precise distance sensor is equipped with an analogue output and an additional switching output with a scanning zone function, which can be adjusted independently of the analogue measuring range (0.1 to 5 m). To develop these new sensors, the performance data of an existing distance sensor with a larger housing (95 x 93 x 42 mm³), which already uses time of flight technology, was adapted to the much smaller F 55 housing (50 x 50 x 23 mm3) and enhanced accordingly.


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Long range and high measuring accuracy

The new F 55 sensors attain an operating or scanning range of up to 5 m with white objects and even reach 3 m with very dark objects. Thanks to their excellent black range, the new sensors are also able to reliably detect challenging objects, such as those with dark and uneven, structured, sloping or curved surfaces. The sensors, themselves, can be positioned at a considerable distance from the process. Laser safety class 1 guarantees safe use without any additional precautions. They have a clock frequency of up to 500 Hz, making them much faster than most other sensors of their performance category. The same applies to their outstanding repeatability, which is in the mm range.

Sensor installation is simple and straightforward thanks to a compact, user-friendly design and a standarised operating concept for the entire F 55 series. Specially developed mounting accessories guarantee fine adjustment of the sensor light spot on the object to be detected.

The proximity switch with precise background suppression is ideal for reliable detection of objects with an irregular or dark surface, e.g. plastic elements in automotive production or checking occupancy of storage bays in a high bay warehouse. Typical applications for the analogue distance sensor are coil diameter control during unwinding, exact positioning of robots and level and stack height measurement.

Reliable time of flight measurement

Short laser light pulses are emitted by the sensor during time of flight measurement; the light reflected by the target object is recorded and the time of flight is determined. In contrast to photoelectric proximity switches, this procedure enables reliable detection of any materials and surfaces, from deep black to high gloss. A clear reception signal is always obtained even with extraneous light and critical backgrounds, such as reflective jackets, signal lamps or reflective metal bars.

SensoPart is one of the pioneers of time of flight measurement with its existing F 90 range – this sophisticated technology is now available in the new F 55 sensors, for distances from 0 to 5 metres, with a compact design and a matching price. Read more about sensors for level control.


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