Safety foot switch and emergency stop footswitches

Foot switches or foot pedals are safety switches that are operated with the foot. Footswitches are used in industry and machine construction to switch parts on or off, whereby manual operation is not practical or possible. Foot switches are available with or without safety function. From a practical point of view, the use of a foot switch with safety function(s) is preferred.

Normally a foot switch has one pedal. Footswitches are available with multiple pedals in one housing. To prevent accidental operation, additional safety devices are included in foot switches, for example, a catch that must be pushed away with the tip of a shoe in order to operate the pedal. Steute has been developing and producing switching equipment for over 50 years and is a specialist in the field of safe switching applications.

Operation and applications

If the foot switch is operated and held in the switch position, an action is performed. As soon as the foot pedal is pressed or released, the action stops immediately. Applications for foot switches include anchor winches in ports, press brakes, perforating machines, presses and punching machines.


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Foot switches - steute
Wireless foot switch - steute

Wireless foot switches

Wireless foot switches and foot pedals are used in machines and installations to approve or confirm processes in, for example, packaging machines. Wireless foot switches are used in applications where the hands are needed for other tasks or where manual operation is impossible.

No tripping hazard

Wireless foot switches communicate via wireless technology and are not connected with a cable. This means that there is no risk of tripping and the cable cannot cause a malfunction. An electrodynamic energy generator or a lithium-ion battery with a long service life serves as the energy source for the wireless foot switches. Due to the high degree of protection, the wireless foot switches are also suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.


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ATEX foot switches - Gaszone 1 and 2 - Dust zone 21 and 22

The foot switches and other switchgear for offshore applications on ships and in ports are distinguished by a seawater-resistant design, robust housing and they comply with all internationally applicable guidelines, regulations, standards and laws. The housing of seawater resistant aluminum and stainless steel parts is suitable for applications at sea or in a port.

Extreme foot switches

The Ex version is suitable for gas zone 1 and 2 and dust zone 21 and 22. In some cases foot switches are required that are ATEX certified. The use of high quality foot switches for 'Extreme' applications ensures reliable operation of the mooring hooks. As an alternative, a wireless foot switch from steute can also be used for these applications. Read more about offshore foot switches gas zone 1 & 2 dust zone 21


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Foot switch for offshore applications - steute
Use of foot switch in ports - GFSI - steute

Foot switch for maritime and haven technology

To prevent inadvertent operation, the foot switch has a protective cover. The seawater-resistant aluminum housing with rustproof screws and parts is specially designed for reliable operation at sea and in ports. The Ex-secured foot switch can be used in gas-Ex zones 1 and 2, but also dust Ex zones 21 and 22.

Foot switch offshore application

A typical application for this product is the electromechanical drive of winches to celebrate or tension mooring cables in ports. A winch that reels up a mooring cable can be started and stopped with the help of a foot switch; with a second foot switch, the mooring hook attached to the anchor chain can be released to allow the ship to sail to the sea or to quickly unload the chain.


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Foot switch for extreme applications - IP69K

The GFS 1ÖS foot switch from steute is a switch from the extreme category. The foot switch is resistant to cleaning with water at 80 ° C at 100 bar pressure of 100 mm distance from different angles. The housing is made of cast aluminum and the pedal of glass fiber reinforced, shock-resistant thermoplastic.

High stability, low pedal height

The foot switch has a high stability with a low pedal height. The switch has a degree of protection of IP69K and can be used in 'Extreme' environments. The foot switch is suitable for cleaning with hot water of 80 ° C at 100 bar pressure of 100 mm distance from different directions.


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'Extreme' foot switch IP69K - steute
Wireless foot switch - sWave-technology - steute

Wireless safety foot pedal with three-stage function

The wireless three-stage safety foot pedal RF GFS 2 D operates on the principle OFF-ON-OFF. The wireless safety foot switch meets high safety requirements; the TÜV evaluation according to ISO EN 13849-1 Performance Level PLd or according to IEC 62061 SIL 2. The wireless signal transmission is reliable, even under unfavorable conditions.

sWave®-safe technology

The foot pedal works on the basis of the wireless technology sWave®-safe, a wireless solution for safety applications. The safety foot switch is dust and waterproof. Read more about wireless safety pedal with three-step function


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Foot switch with emergency button - Steute

Foot switch with emergency stop button

The GFS footswitches of steute have a metal housing with a protective cover for inadvertent activation by, for example, falling objects. The foot pedal has a high stability and a low pedal height and is available in variants with jump and creep circuits.

Emergency stop button

The foot switch GFS NA series is equipped with an emergency stop button. With a degree of protection of IP65, the foot switch is resistant to from -25 ° C to + 80 ° C.


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Foot switches for medical applications

Whether it is diagnostics, the operating room or doctor's office, medical equipment must be operated intuitively. Steute has a lot of experience in the field of demanding man-machine interfaces. Footswitches for medical applications must meet the highest standards of ergonomic comfort and accessibility.

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Foot switch for medical applications - steute
Application example foot switch - steute

Application for footswitches

On machines and installations where manual operation is not possible or where operation with the foot is desired, the foot switch from steute offers the solution. The foot switches are used for switching production processes on and off. Environmental conditions play an important role in choosing the right foot switch. In areas where there is a risk of explosion, the ATEX (explosion-proof) foot switches offer the solution. In addition to environmental conditions, the mechanical load also plays a role.


Foot switches are available in variants with and without protective cover. The protective cover serves as a safety function for unintentionally switching on the foot switch due to, for example, falling objects. The explosion-proof foot switches are available with a creep or jump switch and meet an IP65 degree of protection.

The Ex GFS and Ex GFSI series are explosion-proof foot switches and can be used in hazardous areas 1 and 2. Explosive areas are areas where gases, vapors or mists can have a flammable atmosphere for a short or longer period.


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