Three-stage wireless safe enabling foot control

Wireless safety foot pedal with three-stage function - steute

On the basis of its safe wireless protocol sWave®-safe, steute has developed a three-stage wireless safe enabling foot control. The RF GFS 2 D (VD) SW2.4-safe is a 3-stage (OFF-ON-OFF) wireless safe foot control. The pedals can be fitted with or without a pressure point, and are available with or without a locking mechanism. The switch is designed to provide ergonomically comfortable, non-tiring actuation and to be durable, even in adverse environments.


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How does the foot pedal work in practice?

Suitable applications could include the operation of press braking and other metal working machines. Actuating the foot control into the middle position could trigger, for example, a press stroke. In contrast, both of the two end positions cause the press or dangerous movement to be stopped immediately. The enabling function in the middle position is only active when the operator consciously actuates it.

Safety standards

The steute enabling switches conform to all relevant normative standards (incl. DIN EN 12622 and DIN EN 60947-5-8). They also have DGUV approval. Their contact system facilitates particularly soft switching processes and prevents a machine from advancing, e.g. when unlocking the switch from its end position. Wireless signal transmission offers users greater freedom of movement without any "tripping hazards": the foot control can always be placed in whatever is the most ergonomically comfortable position. This is particularly advantageous on larger machines and plants. Read more about foot switches.


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