Wireless switches

Wireless switching with Steute Wireless

Wireless signal transmission offers many advantages. Steute has been developing products with this technology for years and can now offer solutions for wireless switching in explosion protection and control technology.

Wireless switching with EnOcean technology

With switches it is theoretically possible to process a wireless signal. But this is only half the solution, because the switches also need energy to function. By using EnOcean technology, steute has solved this problem. The energy required comes from a solar cell or is generated by operating the switch (kinetic energy). This means that the switches can be used completely without cabling.

Components for wireless switching: 


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Wireless switching - Steute
Wireless switching with position switch RF 13 - Wireless - steute

Wireless position switch

The steute RF 13 is a position switch in a compact housing and therefore suitable for small installation situations. The housing measures only 49 x 40 x 21 mm.

Kinetic energy

The switch does not need a battery as the position switch generates energy during a circuit and thus supplies itself with energy (kinetic energy). Read more about wireless position switches. 


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Wireless pull-cord switch

Wireless pull-wire switches are used in machines and plant systems, doors and gates, barriers and fences. The various fields of application include security tasks in different sectors of industrial building automation. 

The wireless pull-wire switch RF 95 WH/90° EN868 from steute has a glass-fibre reinforced, shock-proof housing. For hazardous areas there is an Ex version (Ex RF 95 WH/90° EN868). The pull-cord switches have a sealing degree of IP65/IP67. The Ex cordless pull-cord switch can be used in classification zones 1 and 21.

The wireless pull-cord switch uses EnOcean® wireless technology and is self-sufficient (kinetic energy). There are also wireless pull-wire switches that use sWave® technology (SW868/SW915)


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Wireless pull-cord switch RF95 - steute
Wireless sensor network - steute Nexy

Wireless sensor network - steute Nexy

Ready for Industry 4.0!

The software that controls machines gets a much more prominent role in Industry 4.0. However, this software is no longer integrated in the devices, but runs on a central server. An important prerequisite for the cost-effective, semi-automated manufacture of complex products in small quantities is a continuous flow of information. sWave.NET especially offers new possibilities for production environments designed according to the principles of Industry 4.0.

Using steute nexy, continuous communication between wireless switches and the ERP system or other higher-level system is possible. Up to 100 wireless switches can be connected to one access point. The intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) communication network (nexy) enables you to automate production processes and reduce production costs.


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Wireless three-step foot pedal with safety function

The RF GFS 2 D (VD) SW2.4-safe from steute is a three-stage foot pedal that operates on the OFF-ON-OFF principle. The foot pedal works on the basis of the wireless technology sWave®-safe. The three-phase footswitches can be used in applications requiring performance level e (EN ISO 13849-1) and are optionally available with an extra emergency stop button. Read more about steute wireless three-step foot pedal. 


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RF GFS SW2.4-safe - Wireless three-step foot pedal - steute
Wireless switching with push buttons - steute

Wireless switching with wireless push buttons

Switching with pushbuttons and switches is a simple method of operation. Functions can be switched on and/or off with one hand. The many different colour options make it possible to link a colour to a function. One housing contains at least one push button and a maximum of three push buttons. Read more about wireless push buttons. 


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Wireless switching with manual control

An operator walking in or around a machine can switch with a hand control carried by the operator. A cable would always cause problems in this case because the operator is limited in his range because of the cable. With a steute wireless hand control it is possible for the operator to move freely in and around the machine and to change gear when needed. Read more about wireless hand control.

RF HB cordless hand control

The RF HB-4CH is suitable for many applications, e.g. logistics, home automation systems and machine and plant construction. The RF HB-4CH is equipped with four push buttons which are assigned to the functions desired by the receiver. The housing is comfortable and very light to handle, partly due to the powerful lithium batteries. These have a service life of approximately 800,000 cycles.


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Wireless switching with manual control - steute

Programming the rf hb 3 radio hand transmitter & selecting the operating mode

Wireless inductive sensors

The RF IS series wireless inductive sensors from steute are equipped with M8, M12, M18 and M30 power supply couplings and are non-compulsory. The RF IS series also has an ATEX variant. In combination with the Ex RF 96 ST universal transmitter, the wireless inductive sensor can be used in classification zones 1 and 21.


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Wireless inductive sensor RF IS M8 - steute
sWave wireless switching - steute

Processing wireless circuits in database

Steute sWave

Whether it's about evaluating or controlling production processes live. Up-to-date information is and will become increasingly important. With up-to-date information it is possible to view information (at a distance) and to control the process where necessary. With a steute wireless network, machines communicate how much they produce, what their status is and which parts of the machine are wearing out. The products also communicate with the network: through sensors they indicate their location and whether they are in good condition.


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steute Wireless control with cable-free switches