A wireless signal transmission offers many advantages. Steute has been developing products with this technology for years and can now offer solutions for both explosion protection and control technology where switches can be used wirelessly.

Wireless switching with EnOcean technology

In the case of switches it is theoretically possible to process a wireless signal. But this is only half the solution, because the switches also need energy to function. Steute has solved this problem by applying the EnOcean technology. The required energy comes from a solar cell or is generated by operating the switch (kinetic energy). This makes the switches fully applicable without wiring.


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Wireless foot switch safety sWave - steute
Wireless position switch RF 13 - steute


The steute RF 13 is a position switch in a compact housing and therefore suitable for small installation situations. The size of the housing is only 49 x 40 x 21 mm.

Kinetic energy

The switch does not have to be provided with a battery since the position switch generates energy during a circuit and supplies itself with energy therewith (kinetic energy). Read more about wireless position switch


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Ready for Industry 4.0!

The software that controls equipment gets in Industry 4.0 a much more prominent role. However, this software is not integrated into the devices, but runs on a central server. An important prerequisite for a cost effective, semi-automated manufacturing of complex products in small quantities is a continuous flow of information. sWave.NET particular offers new opportunities for production that are designed according to the principles of Industry 4.0.

Steute swave
Wireless manual operation RF HB sWave 2.4 - steute


An operator running in or around a machine can switch with a manual control that the operator carries. A cable would always cause problems in this case because the operator is limited in its range because of the cable. With wireless hand control of steute, the operator can move freely in or around the machine and can switch when needed. Read more about wireless manual operation

RF HB wireless remote control

The RF HB-4CH is equipped with four push buttons which can be assigned desired functions with very little parametric effort on the receiver side. The housing is comfortable and very light to handle, aided by powerful lithium batteries which provide the power necessary for around 800,000 switching cycles without needing to be changed.


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Wireless hand control rf hb 3 teach & select operating mode

Wireless push buttons RF BF 74 - steute


Switching with pushbuttons and switches is a simple way of operating. With one hand operation functions can be switched on and / or off. With the many different color options it is possible to connect a color to a function. In one housing there is at least one push button and a maximum of three pushbuttons. Read more about wireless push buttons


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Transmitter, receiver, database

Steute sWave

Whether it comes to evaluating whether the live control of production processes. Up-to-date information and is becoming increasingly important. is (on distance) possible with up-to-date information to view information and where necessary to control the process. With steute wireless network equipment to communicate how much they produce, what is their status and what parts of the machine there wear. The products also communicate with the network: via sensors they give their location by and whether they are in good condition.

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Wireless switching in database | steute

Wireless Control with switches without cables