Wireless magnetic switch for small installation applications

Compact position switch

Wireless position switch - RF 10 - steute

Designers of machinery and plants often need extremely compact position switches which can be integrated quite easily into the surrounding construction, even in inaccessible places. For precisely these applications steute has developed the Wireless Cube RF 10. This device has an extremely compact design, meaning that it can also be fitted in narrow spaces. And since the Wireless cube transmits its signals to the receiving unit in the switch cabinet wirelessly, connection cables are superfluous. Maximum transmitting ranges of 300 metres in the open and 30 metres inside buildings can be achieved. Read more about steute wireless. 


The electronics of the switch are provided by a battery. A commercially available battery is used, which can be replaced using conventional tools. A spring rod acting on a microswitch serves as the switchgear actuator. The switch travel is short and the actuation force necessary is minor. Alternatively, the device is also available as a magnetic switchgear with a reed contact.

Besides compact design and uncomplicated assembly, the special features of this radio switch also include long life. Its mechanical lifespan is more than one million switching cycles, and even with a very high switching frequency the compact device is in its element: carrying out up to 1,800 switching cycles per hour. These features make the new Wireless Cube RF 10 the ideal switchgear for assembly points in industrial automation machines and plants which are narrow and difficult to access.


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