Vision camera regognize size, color and code - Industrial Camera

Difficult detections, simple solution

Vision cameras are suiteble for the simplest detections to robot applications. With the vision cameras there is always a solution. From object detection, measuring distance, measuring thickness, recognizing color, recognizing (bar) codes to breaking control. VISOR® from SensoPart offers the solution.

Vision camera with integrated software

The vision camera is very user friendly due to the integrated software. The cameras do not have to be programmed because its configured. With a few mouse clicks is the visor sensor ready for use. The Visor®-technology of SensoPart is a simple and effective solution for the most difficult automation tasks. 

With supplied software for PC or tablet, you can easily set up the vision camera. The vision cameras come standard with LED lighting in the colors white, red, infrared or UV-Diode.

Camera + Software = Vision!

With the new BLOB detecion (Binary Large Object) of SensoPart are you able to evaluate complex like: postioning, counting, sorting and face-up/face-down recognizion.  

Application for the Vision Camera:

  • Automation tasksError check during assembly or packaging
  • Counting products or parts
  • Measuring distance, thickness and length
  • Detecting transparent objects
  • Reading codes / bar codes / labels


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Industrial camera - Vision system - SensoPart
Vision camera with c-mount - SensoPart

Vision sensor for automation

For automation tasks, the VISOR® technology is easy to use and an effective solution. With a few mouse clicks, the sensor is ready to use. The vision sensors are equiped with standard communication protocolls and universal interfaces, allowing the vision camera to be connected to a PLC. Thanks to the integrated software, the vision camera speaks the same 'language' as a PLC or PC. The software included with the vision camera is free can be downloaded. 


Receive Vision software for free 


Built-in lens

The standard vision camera is equipped with a built-in lens. With the help of a C-mount variant, the use of a different lens is possible for specific applications. The vision camera has an Ethernet connection that is suitable for PROFINET.

Image resolution and trigger sensor

For applications where high-speed products pass the vision camera, it is possible to adjust the image resolution. With a lower image resolution, the images are processed faster by the vision camera. It is possible to connect a trigger sensor to the vision camera so that a picture is taken at exactly the right moment.


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Vision camera for object detection and regognition

With the SensoPart object recognition vision camera you are not only able to detect a product. The object sensor also performs distance measurements and shape check. The sensor thus determines whether the product meets all the pre-set conditions. Even small deviations from a product are recognized.

Is the product upside down?

The position or order of a product are especially important during an assembly process. In addition to deviations, the vision camera also checks whether a product is upside down or has the correct position.

The vision camera for object detection checks the correct supply position, inspects the presence and completeness of parts and counts them. The Visor Objectsensor inspects the assembly processes, recognizes parts and differentiates. Read more about vision camera for object detection.


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Vision camera object detection VISOR® - SensoPart
Robotic vision camera - Universal Robots - SensoPart

Robotic Vision Camera

To integrate the VISOR® vision camera further  into robot applications, Sensopart has developed the URCap and KUKA app. With the application of this software, the robotic vision camera can effortlessly and smoothly communicate with a robot.

Variants robotic vision camera

The robotic vision camera is available in different light sources; LED infrared, LED red and LED white. The robotic vision camera is standard equipped with a built-in lens. If this lens does not fit, then there is the C-mount. For example, the C-mount is suitable for long distances with a high focal length. The robotic vision camera has integrated and standardized interfaces (ProfiNet, EtherNet / IP, TCP / IP).


The robotic vision camera is UR-certified and can easily communicate with a Universal Robot using the URCap. Calibration is done using the URCap software and calibration plate. In addition to using the calibration plate, it is also possible to calibrate the vision camera using the 'point-to-pair'. Read more about URCap.

KUKA app

With the VISOR® Robotic KUKA app from SensoPart it is possible to set up communication between VISOR® cameras and KUKA robots in just a few steps. The KUKA app enables a particularly simple and quick configuration. As with the URCap, it is possible to calibrate the vision camera using the 'point-to-pair'. Read more about KUKA app.


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VISOR® Robotic KUKA App - Vision camera

VISOR® vision camera - V10 - SensoPart


  • Intergrated LED light source (white, red, UV, infra-red)
  • Implemented mountable C-lens for specific applications
  • Intergrated communication interfaces (ethernet, serial or digital I/O and profinet)
  • FREE Intuitive software. Powerfull and with distinguishing tools.
  • Industrial connectors for communication and I/O. Trigger sensors and encoders for example an discharge unit.

Vision camera for color and contrast recognition and detection

A sensor with color detection is suitable for distinguishing products, carrying out quality control of the correct color or label control. Standard color sensors are limited to detecting passive colors.

More than just 'see' colors

A vision camera for color recognition 'not only' sees colors, but also provides additional information such as position and color quality. The vision camera is also suitable for contrast recognition for determining grayscale and contrast differences. Read more about detecting and recognizing color and contrast.

The vision camera is suitable for detecting and differentiating colored parts, detecting color markings and inspecting self-illuminating components such as LEDs.


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Vision camera for color and contrast - SensoPart
Vision camera measuring thickness and distance - SensoPart

Vision camera for measuring distance, width and lengths

A vision camera from SensoPart can simultaneously perform various quality checks. One of the most important controls is the execution of dimensions in a production or assembly process. With the free supplied configuration software, different conditions are set. If a product does not meet the set condition, the vision camera will indicate it. Read more about pick and place application.

Convert coordinates to dimensions

The vision camera can convert the position and dimensions of a product by means of coordinates to the actual dimensions and position that the camera processes. The user reads out the actual measurements instead of pixels. The coordinates can then be used for a robot application within a pick and place application. Read more about measuring thickness and distance. 

Fracture detection with vision camera

The compact vision sensor detects the position and any damage to wafers and cells. It allows robots to pick up and lay down wafers accurately. Wafers and solar cells with fine breakouts can be directly rejected during this step, before they can completely break up and damage other material.

Vision camera for fracture dertection

These sensors can also be integrated in existing lines – as easily as a light barrier. Before a cell is printed, the sensor checks it for damage that could lead to breakage during the print process, preventing costly machine breakdowns. Read more about vision camera for fracture detection.


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Vision camera for fracture detection - SensoPart

VISOR® vision sensor - Real-world engineering units and robot coordinates at a mouse click

Vision camera code reader for product identification

The vision camera Code Reader for reading codes is unique in its price range. The vision camera reads 1D bar codes, 2D data matrix codes and optical characters / OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

With the help of integrated object detection, the vision camera Code Reader is able to perform checks based on pattern matching, brightness, gray level and contrast. Think of stamps or logos. An image filter with extensive setting options ensures correct detection even in difficult conditions. The test results can even be evaluated within the sensor.

String equation and regular print

With string comparison or regular print, a text or code can be compared with a specific text. This way you can check whether there is a date. With a date format of DD-MM-YYYY, the digits of DD must never exceed 31 and the MM must never exceed 12. A PC or PLC is not required. The vision camera Code Reader reads codes that comply with ISO and AIM. Read more about reading codes.

  • Barcodes
  • Datamatrix
  • OCR
  • ISO and AIM codes


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Vision camera - Code Reader datamatrix and barcodes - SensoPart
Vision camera Sensopart Allround - SensoPart


The vision camera Allround has all the functions of a vision camera. Object recognition, color and contrast recognition and code reader are all part of one vision camera. The SensoPart V20 has a resolution of 1.3 million megapixels with which even the smallest details can be recognized.

  • Contour recognition
  • Measure dimensions
  • Quality control
  • Reading codes (barcodes, OCR, data matrix, etc.)
  • Positioning of products
  • Color recognition

VISOR® Vision sensor with BLOB function