Vision camera recognize size, color and code

Difficult detections, simple solution

Vision cameras are suiteble for the simplest detections to robot applications. With the vision cameras there is always a solution. From object detection, measuring distance, measuring thickness, recognizing color, recognizing (bar) codes to breaking control. VISOR® from SensoPart offers the solution.

Vision camera with integrated software

The vision camera is very user friendly due to the integrated software. The cameras do not have to be programmed because its configured. With a few mouse clicks is the visor sensor ready for use. The Visor®-technology of SensoPart is a simple and effective solution for the most difficult automation tasks. 

With supplied software for PC or tablet, you can easily set up the vision camera. The vision cameras come standard with LED lighting in the colors white, red, infrared or UV-Diode.

With the new BLOB detecion (Binary Large Object) of SensoPart are you able to evaluate complex like: postioning, counting, sorting and face-up/face-down recognizion.  

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Vision camera Visor BLOB function | SensoPart
Vision sensor VISOR® V10 | SensoPart

Vision sensor for automation

For automation tasks, the VISOR® technology is easy to use and an effective solution. With a few mouse clicks, the sensor is ready to use. The vision sensors are equiped with standard communication protocolls and universal interfaces, allowing the vision camera to be connected to a PLC. Thanks to the integrated software, the vision camera speaks the same 'language' as a PLC or PC. The software included with the vision camera is free and is supplied on CD or can be downloaded. Download the software for the vision camera here.

Built-in lens

The standard vision camera is equipped with a built-in lens. With the help of a C-mount variant, the use of a different lens is possible for specific applications. The vision camera has an Ethernet connection that is suitable for Profinet.

Image resolution and trigger sensor

For applications where high-speed products pass the vision camera, it is possible to adjust the image resolution. With a lower image resolution, the images are processed faster by the vision camera. It is possible to connect a trigger sensor to the vision camera so that a picture is taken at exactly the right moment.


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VISOR® object sensor

In production processes, objects can appear in unexpected positions, with complex shapes and details. Classic switching sensors would be overwelmed by detecting those objects. Not the VISOR® object sensor. The VISOR® object sensor maintains its overview, detecting defective parts, parts in the wrong position, wrong orientation, wrong sequence or a combination of them all – in an instant. The VISOR® object sensor is one of the best in its class. 

Small deviations

With the VISOR® object sensor you are not only able to detect an object, the sensor also performs distance measurements and shape check. This way the sensor detects whether the product meets all pre-set conditions. Even small deviations from a product are recognized.


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Vision camera object detection VISOR® | SensoPart


  • Intergrated LED light source (white, red, UV, infra-red)
  • Implemented mountable C-lens for specific applications
  • Intergrated communication interfaces (ethernet, serial or digital I/O and profinet)
  • FREE Intuitive software. Powerfull and with distinguishing tools.
  • Industrial connectors for communication and I/O. Trigger sensors and encoders for example an discharge unit.