Universal Robot (UR) vision camera for robot applications

Robotic vision camera - SensoPart

The SensoPart Visor vision series of vision cameras has been expanded with a robotic vision camera. The vision camera is UR-certified and can communicate effortlessly with a Universal Robot using the URCap. The coordinates of an object are transmitted to the robot in UR language. Special functions include free gripper space and the calibration function.

By using a vision camera, it is possible to check objects on the basis of colour, size, shape, code or a combination of these attributes. On the basis of previously set requirements, a vision camera determines whether a product satisfies the stated conditions. With the accompanying free software, the vision camera only needs to be configured and adjusted. Read more about vision camera's and vision systems. 

Robotic vision camera features:

  • Monochrome and colour versions (to suppress the colour of a transport belt, for instance)
  • Calibration using a calibration plate or 'point to pair'
  • Integrated and standardized communication protocols (PROFINET, Ethernet, IP, TCP / IP)
  • Flexible output protocol
  • Free gripper space – checks whether there is sufficient space around the product for the grab
  • Offset work area for Z-offset function
  • Result offset correction in VISOR® software for easy adjustment of grab point
  • Various detectors for localizing a maximum of 10,000 components
  • Take advantage of all the existing benefits of the SensoPart Vision Camera and free software


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Unique calibration capability and free software for settings and adjustments

The calibration is done using the URCap software and the calibration plate. By following the steps in the calibration program, which is included in the URCap software, the coordinates of the robot are processed in the vision camera. Besides the ability to make use of a calibration plate, it is also possible to calibrate the vision camera using the 'point to pair' technique. The following video clearly shows how the calibration function works.



Pick & place applications with Universal Robot vision camera

Pick up and place components

During a pick & place application, a robot needs coordinates to be able to grab a product or to put it down. These coordinates can be recorded in the vision camera, and communicated in the language of the robot, by using the URCap software. With the existing software and the benefits of a SensoPart vision camera, it is possible to recognize products on the basis of shape, colour, code, etc. The additional technology of URCap enables the vision camera to forward the coordinates of an object to a robot in the robot's language.



Robot vision camera with terminal function

Software - Robotic vision camera - SensoPart

The Visor robotic from SensoPart transmits only the coordinates of an object during a pick & place function. Using a terminal function and with one vision camera, it is possible to both transmit coordinates of a product in the language of the robot as well as carry out a quality check. The quality check is possible on the basis of the already existing control options of the SensoPart visor series. These are colour, size and shape, code, and a combination thereof. Suppose that a robot arm is sorting soft drink bottles on the basis of the colour of the cap. Red caps in the red crate, blue caps in the blue crate. If a different colour appears during the pick & place system, then this is automatically placed at a previously determined location. The principle also works with a deviating colour blue. This way it can be determined whether the cap of the bottle is the right colour blue.

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