Hassle-free communication between VISOR® and the KUKA KRC4 controller

KUKA-app - SensoPart

Tasks in the automation industry are becoming increasingly complex, just like the requirements imposed on robot operators. To facilitate communication between sensor and robot, SensoPart has developed an app.

Vision camera Robotic and KUKA-app

With the VISOR® Robotic KUKA app from SensoPart, it is possible to set up communication between VISOR® cameras and robots in just a few steps. The KUKA app enables a particularly simple and quick configuration. Read more about VISOR® cameras.

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Direct communication between VISOR® and KUKA robots

KRC4 controller - KUKA

The app has been developed for use on KRC4 controllers. No additional software from KUKA needs to be purchased. By means of a number of standard commands, object coordinates can be read directly into the KRL program. This can be done directly on the KUKA smartPAD. In addition to the process data, live images can be displayed and backups can be made and managed. The configuration of the image processing of the VISOR® Robotic is done as usual in the VISOR® PC software.


Live image - KUKA

Live image

The live image offers the operator control and ensures that the operator (in most cases) does not need an additional PC for the assessment of the process. On the basis of the live image, the operator can set the focus and brightness on site for the correct operation of the application.


The necessary coordinates can be learned step-by-step for quick and error-free commissioning. A selection menu provides easy access to tools for coordination. With the KUKA app, you can create calibration procedures and install them directly on your VISOR®. These can then be continued to other jobs and VISOR® sensors.

Device management

With the VISOR® Robotic KUKA app, you can communicate with up to eight VISOR® sensors simultaneously. Backups are made quickly and can be directly restored to a VISOR® sensor if necessary.

With Job Management you have an overview of your system and can easily be switched between different tasks.


VISOR® GetObjectPosition: provides the coordinates of your objects directly in your KRL program with a predefined data string.

VISOR® Calibrate: use calibration procedures and perform validations in the process. This guarantees maximum availability and reliability of your process.

VISOR®-Terminal: if the available functions are not satisfactory, you can work with the VISOR® terminal. This allows you to use all available VISOR® telegrams, so you can adapt your program to the application.