Detect coloured objects 

Most sensors are colourblind, but not all: with the FT 25, FT 50-C and FT 50-UV-series, SensoPart offers special sensors for detecting colours, grey values and even invisible luminescent marks.

Color detection

Whereby either the colour or grey values of the target object or attached colour marks or labels can be evaluated. The VISOR® Color, which can even detect self-lighting objects such as LEDs, is particularly versatile.


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Detection of colors with sensor | SensoPart
Color sensors | SensoPart


The color sensor FT 55-CM is the ideal sensor for challenging color detection and sorting tasks. There are six color sensor versions available for different applications, namely: color detection of auto fuses, detection of glossy blister packs, distinction between polished and non-polished metal surfaces, film detection on glossy surfaces and detection of lids or labels. Read more about color sensors.

Internal distance correction

The high-end color sensor can detect colors at different distances through internal distance correction. Detecting and counting multiple colors within one application is no problem. The color sensor can store 12 different colors. Read more about color sensor SensoPart FT 55-CM.



Detection of coloured bottle tops in a filling plant

A FT 50 C white-light colour sensor checks whether the bottle tops are correct on the basis of their colour.

  • High colour selectivity, independent of scanning distance fluctuations
  • Reliable colour detection with tops made of metal or plastic
  • Very reliable, even with wobbling or vibrating bottles and objects
  • Teach-in of individual colours or scanning-in of colour ranges
  • Available with three different light-spot geometries  


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Ft 50-C color sensor | Application example
Vision cameras for color detection | Application example SensoPart

Inspecting LEDs in car production

Color vision camera controls the colors of LED lighting in the dashboard of a car. The vision camera is equipped with LED lighting so that the color of a lamp in the dashboard lights up. The vision camera has integrated software that is configured by means of a PC or tablet. Read more about Vision Cameras.

  • Application-specific pre-configured vision sensor
  • Detection of active (i.e. self-lighting) colours as well as "non-colours" (white, grey, black)
  • High detection accuracy, even with very slight colour nuances
  • Simple alignment with user-friendly configuration software
  • Image recorder for offline simulation without sensor


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Printed mark detection on endless packaging

The cutting position is determined on the basis of printed marks detected using an FT 25-RGB contrast scanner.

  • Resolution of 30 contrast levels
  • Reflective foils are also reliably detected
  • Unaffected by vibrations or flapping material
  • High switching frequency for maximum positioning accuracy
  • Comfortable teach-in operation, with feedback of signal/contrast quality
  • Very small housing
  • Automatic selection of the ideal transmission colour for the taught-in contrast


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FT 25-RGB sensor for color detection | SensoPart
FT 50-C-UV luminescence sensor | SensoPart

Checking the presence of package inserts

A FT 50 C-UV luminescence sensor detects the package inserts in the medical package. Whereby it uses the luminescent properties of the paper for reliable detection.

  • Extremely reliable detection at varying distances between sensor and target object using a patented sensor concept
  • Also suitable for narrow packages thanks to small light spot
  • Small, compact housing (dimensions just 50 x 50 x 17 mm 3)
  • Reliable suppression of luminescence in the background of the target object


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