Fracture detection for quality control with sensor

Positioning and fracture control

The compact sensor detects the position and any damage to wafers and cells. It allows robots to pick up
and lay down wafers accurately. Wafers and solar cells with fine breakouts can be directly rejected during this step, before they can completely break up and damage other material. These sensors can also be integrated in existing lines – as easily as a light barrier. Before a cell is printed, the sensor checks it for
damage that could lead to breakage during the print process, preventing costly machine breakdowns.

Tailor-made solutions

Fortop offers tailor-made solutions developed for the solar industry. These include for example the position monitoring / breakage control of wafers and cells for handling machines. In addition to the switching sensors, the solar sensors from the VISOR® series are used for such problems. Read more about VISOR® series cameras.


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Visor solar - SensoPart
Solar vision cameras - SensoPart

Position and fracture control of solar wafers

VISOR® Solar sensors check the correct position of the wafer
and detect any broken edges.

  • Precise detection of position and orientation of wafers and cells
  • Breakage detection regardless of type of wafer or cell
  • Edges monitored with sub-pixel accuracy
  • Simple integration in just a few steps
  • No background suppression necessary
  • Measurement of wafers
  • Position and orientation of busbars


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Checking presence of wafers

An FT 10-RLH sub-miniature scanner with background suppression detects the lowest wafer in the cassette. At the same time,an FT 50-RLA analogue laser distance sensor checks slot occupation from above.

  • Bright, precise light spot for accurate switching behaviour and easy alignment
  • Sub-miniature housing for installation in the smallest of spaces (dimensions only 21 x 14 x 8 mm 3)
  • Reliable and precise height detection and determination with the FT 50-RLA distance sensor

The FT 50-RLA laser distance sensor provides a signal that is proportional to the distance transmitted via the analog output, for example 4 ... 20mA, or via a serial RS485 interface. The switching range of the digital outputs can be set to any zone within the range by using the Teach-in


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FT 50-RLA laser distance sensor