Temporary energy and power quality measurements

The first step with questions about network quality, overloading, unexplained failures or bearing damage

Disruptions in the energy supply - such as harmonic, interharmonic, flicker, unstable mains voltage, resonance or EMC problems - lead to inexplicable failure of processes.

Power Quality measurement

Do you want to know if you still have power space on your transformer? Or do you want to know whether the reactive power or harmonic pollution contributes to the load on your installation? By measuring and analyzing you gain insight into all these aspects. A measurement can be completed in one day.


Request a temporary measurement

Different temporary measurements - Janitza
Temporary measurement on location - Power Quality Check

Temporary measurements

During the temporary measurement, one of the fortop PQ specialists will prepare the measurements based on your problem description and drawings. The PQ specialist then starts on site inspecting the installation. The measurements are then taken. When the measurement has been carried out, the PQ specialist analyzes the measurement data and the results are processed in a report with conclusions and recommendations.

There are three types of temporary measurements:

Power Check

Do you want to know if you still have power room in your transformer? Or do you want to know whether the reactive power or harmonic pollution contributes to the load on your installation?

Power Quality Check

Do you want a more in-depth Power Quality analysis or analysis and reporting according to international standards such as EN50160, IEC61000-2-x or IEEE519? Do you want any dips, peaks and transients to be recorded during the measurement period?

Power Quality and EMC-check

In modern installation, Power Quality and EMC can no longer be viewed separately. In addition to a Power Quality Check, fortop's PQ specialist can investigate any EMC problems. For this, we use special high-frequency measuring equipment such as a Dewetron recorder and Scope 100 MHz analyzer.

Request a temporary measurement

For a fixed price you know where you stand and you have a temporary measurement!

Custom measurement

Do you want to measure on multiple points at the same time or do you want to have insight into weekly and/or monthly profiles? Request a customized measurement. We will prepare a quotation based on your question.

Measuring equipment to find all types of power quality and emc problems

To perform the measurements, fortop has a large arsenal of modern measuring equipment to detect all types of Power Quality and EMC problems.

  • Power Quality Analyzers, measurement according to IEC61000-4-30
  • Fluke Scopemeters 0-100MHz
  • Dewetron Sirius 1MHz analyzer, for performing high-frequency and EMC measurements

With the help of this equipment, we can measure simultaneously at multiple locations in an installation, the measuring cases can be used for a longer period of time and measurement data can be analyzed remotely.


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Customized measuring case - Janitza
Power Quality specialist performing a measurement - fortop

Specialist knowledge

Fortop's Power Quality engineers have years of experience with measurements in industry, data centers, hospitals, airports and infrastructure objects such as metro lines, bridges, locks and viaducts. Thanks to this experience, fortop guarantees an in-depth and reliable analysis. We work out the results in a report with clear conclusions and recommendations so that concrete measures can be taken to solve the problem.

Fortop has:

  • engineers who are driven professionals and have years of experience in recognizing and describing every type of PQ and EMC problem;
  • measurements according to international standards (IEC61000-4-30) and reports according to IEC / EN standards such as EN50160, IEC61000-2-x, G4 / 5 (UK) or IEEE516 (USA);
  • experience with both Power Quality, high frequency failures and EMC. These phenomena can no longer be viewed separately from each other and require an integrated approach;
  • a suitable solution for every type of Power Quality problem such as compensation units for eliminating inductive and capacitive reactive power, imbalance, harmonic pollution and voltage dips including the required engineering and multi-year maintenance plans.