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CleanSwitch - BBC Bircher Smart Access

Places where many people are is a source of germs and other pathogens. Contact surfaces – and in particular, door handles – are responsible for spreading vast amounts of bacteria and viruses, some of which can pose a real risk to health. CleanSwitch by BBC Bircher Smart Access provides a contact-free, hygienic method of opening doors. It works by means of a deliberate hand gesture within the detection range of 10 to 50 centimetres – helping to stop germs in their tracks.

CleanSwitch - BBC Bircher Smart Access

Thanks to its attractive design featuring coloured LED feedback, CleanSwitch is an appealing, user-friendly addition to its environment. To ensure that it can be used without any problems in particularly moist or wet environments, CleanSwitch offers reliable protection that meets IP65. Read more about contactless switches.


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Bircher expands assortment of hygienic switches

Clean switch - BBC Bircher Smart AccessClean switch - BBC Bircher Smart Access

BBC Bircher Smart Access presents additional accessories for the hygienic CleanSwitch switch. New options are a black front cover, a wall seal and a surface-mounted box. With this CleanSwitch can replace the older CleanScan model.

CleanSwitch cover also in black

BBC Bircher also offers a black front cover especially for application on a dark surface. The printed icons are then white. Even in the black version, the covers are resistant to cleaning agents and disinfectants.

Wall seal supplied as standardClean switch - BBC Bircher Smart Access

For even cleaner performance in a hygienically demanding environment, BBC Bircher supplies an additional wall seal in the same color as the cover for the front covers. With this CleanSwitch completely seals the narrow gap between the device and the wall and prevents dirt from entering or accumulating. The silicone seal also eliminates minor unevennesses in the substrate that are created by, for example, the wall structure or plaster. CleanSwitch covers are supplied with the seal at no extra cost.

Surface-mounted box makes automation easy afterwards

With the new CleanSwitch surface-mounted box, the subsequent automation of doors is extremely simple. The surface-mounted box is available immediately in black and white, matching the front covers. The CleanSwitch also complies with protection class IP65 for surface mounting. The CleanSwitch is compatible with all standard flush-mounting boxes such as the Feller EDIZIOdue, JUng AS 500, Hager kallysto.line IS.1 and the Gira Standard 55.

Applications contactless switch - CleanSwitch

Hospitals, clinics, retirement homes

Public sanitary areas

Catering industry

Clean switch for hospitals, clinics, retirement homes - BBC Bircher Smart Access Clean switch for public sanitary areas- BBC Bircher Smart Access Clean switch for catering industry - BBC Bircher Smart Access


Thanks to the contactless activation, CleanSwitch makes it unnecessary to touch dirty door handles. CleanSwitch can be treated with all common cleaning agents and disinfectants. People with visual impairments can easily see the contrast-rich LED feedback.


CleanSwitch opens automatic doors to public sanitary areas without contact and prevents the spread of bacteria and others pathogens.


CleanSwitch activates the door in response to a hand movement. As a result, kitchen access is only opened if necessary. With that CleanSwitch offers it staff a comfortable and hygienic solution for the doorway.


About CleanSwitch

CleanSwitch has been developed for use in environments with strict hygiene requirements. With a targeted movement, CleanSwitch activates the touch-free access and prevents the spread of pathogens easily and efficiently. The front of the sensor can be treated with conventional cleaning and disinfecting agents without affecting the material. The beautiful, clear design of CleanSwitch can be adjusted to the wishes of the customer by means of its colored LED feedback and printed icons or logos.

Focus on hygiene CleanSwitch for healthcare facilities, sanitary areas and the catering industry - BBC Bircher Smart Access

CleanSwitch has been specifically developed for use in buildings subject to strict hygiene requirements, such as healthcare facilities, sanitary areas and the catering industry.

Contact-free method

It activates entrance points using a contact-free method – a deliberate gesture made by the user – and otherwise keeps doors closed. This helps to prevent the spread of germs. CleanSwitch can also be treated with any standard cleaning agent or disinfectant.

Customising pictograms and logos - CleanSwitch - BBC Bircher Smart AccessCustomising pictograms and logos

CleanSwitch's visually appealing, straightforward design can be adapted in a whole range of ways to suit customers' preferences. It takes just a few seconds to change the colour, level of brightness and mode of the optical feedback – without tools. Not only that, but Bircher also supplies a wide selection of pictograms that can be printed onto the front of the device to make it even more user-friendly. Customised pictograms and logos can also be applied on request.

Easy installation

The intelligent way in which the system has been designed ensures it is compatible with all standard flush-mounted boxes. CleanSwitch is extremely quick and easy to install. Set-up of the device is an intuitive process that requires no tools – and the integrated short guide provides a helping hand.


The variable detection zone can be set between 0,1 and 0,5 meters. CleanSwitch offers two detection modes: the pulse mode with waste delay switches when movement is detected and returns the detector to its original status after a set period of time. In the on / off function, CleanSwitch changes its status every time a hand movement is detected.

Unique product range 

"When designing our CleanSwitch, Bircher Reglomat's main goal was to fully fulfil every requirement of the various industrial groups," explains Christoph Schlott, Business Development Manager at Bircher. "We have analyzed the stringent requirements of end users, installers and architects in detail and incorporated the results directly into our product development. These requirements are clearly reflected in the design, operation and user-friendliness of the product. To complete our unique product range for b2b customers, all sorts of modifications are possible, whether it concerns individual projects or standard products."