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BBC Bircher Smart Access, based in Beringen, Switzerland, is the sensor specialist for automatic doors and gates, public transport and industry.

BBC Bircher Smart Access stands for comfort and safety in a rapidly growing automation world. Comfort products are products that contribute to the process in an unobtrusive manner. They bring more movement than just fences and doors. They detect everything that comes to them, removes them or comes along. Even with a fire alarm or with slow-moving people, these products are always reliable.

Safety products prevent people or cars from being injured or damaged by dangerous scissors and closing edges. Pressure-sensitive or contact-free they immediately give the crucial command to a control module.


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BBC Bircher Smart Access

Radar movement detector - Herkules 2E

The Herkules 2E radar movement detector from BBC Bircher Smart Access is specially designed for industrial door use. The Herkules 2E is the successor of the Herkules 2. The Herkules 2E has two new functions: two completely independently programmable outputs and an additional setting when leaving the door: pulse output. Read more about Herkules 2E. 

Features Herkules 2E:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Two completely independent programmable outputs
  • Mounting height range of 2 to 7 m covered by one sensor
  • Differentiation between pedestrian and/or vehicle traffic
  • Detects traffic moving toward and away from the door
  • Cross-traffic optimisation prevents unwanted opening


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Radar movement detector - Herkules 2E - BBC Bircher Smart Access

Herkules 2e - Microwave motion detector

Vehicle detection sensor for barriers and gates

ProAccess is a vehicle detection sensor for barriers and gates from BBC Bircher Smart Access. The vehicle detection sensor provides the solution where loop detectors cannot be applied. The detection sensor is mounted half a meter above the ground and is therefore easy to install and accessible for maintenance.

The sensor has a range of 5,5 meters and is equipped with built-in heating in an IP65 sealing case. This makes the vehicle detection sensor suitable for use in cold and wet environments, both outdoors and indoors.


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Proaccess vehicle detection sensor for barriers and gates - BBC Bicher Smart Access

Video - Proaccess vehicle detection sensor for barriers and gates

Hygienic and contactless switching - Cleanswitch

Specially developed for use in areas with strict hygiene requirements, the CleanSwitch from BBC Bircher Smart Access. The switch activates access points without having to touch the switch and thus prevents the spread of pathogens. Read more about CleanSwitch


The variable detection zone can be set between 0.1 and 0.5 meters. CleanSwitch offers two detection modes: the pulse mode with waste delay switches when movement is detected and returns the detector to its original status after a set period of time. In the on / off function, CleanSwitch changes its status every time a hand movement is detected. The CleanSwitch is also available with new options. New options are a black front cover, a wall seal and a surface-mounted box. Read more about the new options of the CleanSwitch.


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Cleanswitch - Hygienic and contactless switching - BBC Bircher Smart Access
Air pressure switch DW40 - BBC Bircher Smart Access

Air pressure switches - BBC Bircher Smart Access

Air pressure switches switch based on pressure wave technology. Air pressure switches are used with (pneumatic) switch strips, profiles, pushbuttons, push boxes and contact thresholds for automatic doors, gates and barriers.

Pneumatic switches

Air pressure switches are equipped with a valve opening. Atmospheric temperatures and pressure fluctuations can thus be compensated. Thanks to the simplicity of the pneumatic switches, they are insensitive to malfunctions and external influences. Read more about air pressure switches.


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Loop derection with ProLoop Lite - BBC Bircher Smart Access

Loop detection is used to automatically open barriers and industrial gates, for example. At the moment that a vehicle is detected, the loop detector ensures smooth passage. The Proloop 2 from BBC Bircher Smart Access can be used for loop detection. This loop detector offers many possibilities and is very efficient when it can be used optimally. Read more about loop detection with ProLoop Lite.


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Proloop Lite - BBC Bircher Smart Access
Loop detectors - BBC Bircher Smart Access

Loop detectors - BBC Bircher Smart Access

A detection loop is an induction loop made of copper wire. A magnetic field is created by connecting the detection loop to a control unit. A vehicle disrupts this signal and is picked up by the detection loop. A control unit for a detection loop provides the signal whereby access barriers, industrial doors and site fencing can be opened.

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Securing an automatic sliding door

Many people pass through a door in hospitals, schools, airports or shopping centres. A logical solution in this situation would be to install an automated sliding door. How do you ensure that these sliding doors can be used efficiently and safely?

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Sliding door - BBC Bircher Smart Access
Parking systems - BBC Bircher Smart Access

Products for parking systems

Parking systems make use of access barriers or retractable bollards. You can rely on rapid and safe activation of your parking system with BBC Bircher Smart Access loop detectors. Obstacles and barriers are easy to secure with safety switch strips.

Loop detectors recognise each metal vehicle within their detection range and pass that signal on to the switching device. Thanks to ASB, off-road vehicles and truck-and-trailer combinations can be detected reliably and without disruption. An ASB function enables you to regulate the loop detector in such a way that vehicles that normally speaking cause problems can easily be detected. Trucks and cars with trailer have a dead zone, the area between vehicle and trailer, that is difficult to detect. The ASB function enables you to regulate the loop detector in such a way that vehicle combinations can be detected easily.

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