Contactless safety switches

Non-contact switches with safety function are ideal for applications where precise guidance of the shield is difficult. Non-contact switches with safety function offer the solution with moving safety devices such as doors, flaps, fences or protective covers. When opening a safety device, dangerous machines and machine movements must be stopped. Non-contact switches must prevent the machines from restarting and must not be manipulated or circumvented.

Versions of contactless switches:

  • Electronic safety switches (unique frequency control)
  • Magnetic safety switches
  • Magnetically coded safety switches
  • Coded RFID safety switches


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Non-contact switches with safety functions - Mechan Controls
RSSG-SS contactless safety switches - Mechan Controls

Contactless safety switches in stainless steel houding (RFID)

The RSSG-SS RFID safety switches from Mechan Controls are housed in a polished stainless steel 316 housing and are therefore resistant to CIP and SIP cleaning. They are therefore suitable for use in the beverage, food, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Features RSSG-SS RFID safety switches:

  • Polished stainless steel 316 housing
  • 4 billion unique codes according to EN 14119
  • 10 mm switching distance with 5 mm tolerance
  • Multi-color LED indication
  • Protection class IP67 and IP69K


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Contactless switch - Unique coded RFID

The non-contact safety switches from ReeR Safety operate on the basis of Magnus RFID sensors. RFID sensors transmit uniquely encoded radio waves, making the system very reliable. The uniquely coded radio waves are difficult to imitate and ensure that the communication transfer of the safety sensors is not sabotage, something that is possible with magnetic sensors. Magnus RFID enables a safety level up to PLe / SIL3. Even when the contactless safety switches are connected in series. This system is safe and reliable thanks to the unique codings. Read more about contactless safety switch with Magnus RFID.

Three coding types: 

  • Unique coding: transmitter and received are permanently linked to each other.
  • Individual coding: Once used and retouched, a coding can not be reused.
  • Encrypted actuator: The receiver is free and not specifically assigned to a transmitter.


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RFID security switch - ReeR Safety
Coded safety switches with magnetic principle - Mechan Controls

Coded magnetic safety switches Cat. 4, SIL 3 and PL e

The HE-Series from Mechan Controls is an encoded magnetic safety switch and is fully encapsulated with resin, which makes the switching sensor extra sturdy.

High safety level

The HE series has a safety level of Cat 4, SIL 3 and PL e and a correct operation at -30 ° C. The housing of the HE series safety switches is equipped with resin which makes the switches resistant to vibration, high pressure cleaning and most difficult environments. The magnetic switch is also available in stainless steel and suitable for use in the food processing and packaging industry. Read more about coded magnetic safety switches Mechan HE series.


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Coded RFID safety switches with volt-free contacts - IP69K

The RSS series safety switches are unique because they use volt-free contacts. You are free in your choice of relay. The non-contact operation of the safety sensor makes the RSS series easy to assemble and install. The safety switches are individually coded and suitable for high security applications for securing machines. The RSS series safety switch is available with a IP69K sealing degree for use in humid and dusty environments. Read more about encrypted RFID safety switch RSS series


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Non-contact coded RFID safety switches - RSS series - Mechan Controls
Non-contact magnetic safety switch - Magnasafe - Mechan Controls

Magnetic safety switches IP67 - Plastic and stainless steel

The magnetically operated safety switches from Mechan Magnasafe are fully encapsulated contactless switches. The safety switches are cast with resin which makes them extra strong and ideal for use in rough and / or wet environments for prolonged use. You can choose from a plastic or stainless steel housing. Thanks to the fully sealed IP67 seal, the safety switch is suitable for cleaning under high pressure. Read more about Magnasafe contactless safety switches.


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Electronic safety switches with unique frequency control

Mechan Controls S-Type is an electronic safety switch that operates on the basis of Mechan's unique frequency control. The S-Type safety sensors are safe, standalone, contactless safety switches with status display. The precise operation and switching ensures a reliable safety system.

Quick disconnect

The electronic safety sensor can not be manipulated, has a switching distance of 10 mm, equipped with a status indicator and has a quick disconnect option. The S-Type safety switches are available in three sizes with a maximum of 2 NO safety contacts and 1 NC auxiliary contact. Read more about S-Type safety switch. 


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Electronic safety switch with unique frequency control - Mechan Controls
Non-contact safety switch coded Hall elements - support

Safety switches EX zone 1 and 21 - Coded Hall Elements

The safety switch steute Ex HS SI 4 is suitable for extreme environments, EX zone 1 and 21. Thanks to the thermoplastic housing, the safety switch can be used in environments with temperatures of -20 ° C and + 60 ° C. The safety sensor uses the Hall effect for the measurement of a magnetic field or electrical current. The steute EX HS SI 4 safety switch has a switching distance of up to 7mm.


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Non-contact switches - Cylindrical - ATEX

The safety switch steute Ex RC SI M30 has a cylindrical design with a brass or stainless steel housing with sealing degree IP67 and has a long lifetime (mechanical life: 10 million operations). The safety switch is magnetically coded with a switching distance of 6mm. The 'extreme' safety switch can be used in environments with temperatures of -20 ° C and + 70 ° C. 


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Non-contact safety switch cylindrical - Ex zone 1 and 21 - Steute
Non-contact safety switch BZ 16 - steute

Safety switch for extreme environments - Contactless switch

For applications in environments with extreme temperatures, potentially explosive areas and hygiene-sensitive food production, standard switching devices encounter limits. The Extreme safety switch BZ 16 of steute has a degree of sealing of IP69K, suitable for cleaning with hot water (80 °C) at 100 bar pressure of 100 mm distance from different directions.


  • Electronically encrypted
  • Construction: block shape
  • Switching distance: 10mm
  • Contacts: 2 NC
  • Seal: IP69K


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