RFID switches for securing doors, fences and valves

RFID switch - Magnus RFID | ReeR Safety

Working with doors, fences, valves etc. can be hazardous. What happens if somebody opens one or more doors unexpectedly? The ReeR Safety RFID non-contact sensors enable you to monitor doors, valves, fences etc. that are unexpectedly opened. 

Unexpectedly and unannounced access

The process is interrupted as soon as somebody opens a valve, fence or door unexpectedly and unannounced. Read more about RFID switches.


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This is why RFID is reliable

The ReeR Magnus non-contact safety sensors work on the basis of RFID. RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification. The sender sends coded radio waves that are received by the receiver.  The system is highly reliable because the signal is unique. The communication transmission is not subject to sabotage because radio waves are not easy to replicate, something that is possible with a magnetic sensor, for example.

The 'unique encryption' of the ReeR Magnus RFID safety switch enables a security level up to PLe/SIL3. Even when the non-contact safety sensors are connected in series. The sender and receiver are encrypted with a unique code so that they form a unique set that cannot operate in combination with other senders/receivers. This makes the system safe and reliable.

Three encryption options

Unique encryption

The receiver is permanently connected to the sender. No changes are possible.

Individual encryption
The receiver is programmed according to the teach-in principle. This process can be repeated, but not ad infinitum. An encryption cannot be reused once it has been used and reteached.

Actuator encryption
The receiver is free and not specifically allocated to a sender (a receiver can work with various senders).

Link non-contact RFID switches in series

The non-contact safety sensors come in a watertight casing with a sealing of IP67 and IP69K. The sensors can withstand aggressive substances such as cleaning products, a requirement often expressed by the food industry. It is not difficult to install the Magnus RFID in existing equipment due to its modest size, easy assembly and simple operation.

Connect in series with RFID Magnus - ReeR Safety

Connecting in series can be achieved in combination with the ReeR Mosaic or ReeR AD SR1 for bolting doors securely, for example. A security level up to PLe according to EN ISO 13849-1 can be achieved in this way.


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