Signal lights and signal lamps

Without users and operators of machines and technical installations being aware, colors of a signal light indicate a certain status. Signal lights for safety are needed to warn users in dangerous situations. In practice, the following colors are often used:

  • Red: stop / danger
  • Yellow / orange: standby
  • Green: safe / switched on

Signal lights for different applications

Signal lights are available in different colors: red, green, yellow, blue, orange and transparent. Signal lamps are equipped with LED, light bulb, halogen and xenon light source. Signal lamps can demand extra attention by flashing, rotating or constantly burning. Signal lamps are also available with combined optical and acoustic signaling. ATEX signal lamps are available for the chemical and heavy industry.


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Signal lamps and signal lights - Auer Signal
R-series LED signal lamps and lights - Auer Signal

R-serie LED-signal lights

The R-series is the brightest LED signal lamp in its category. The beacons are available in two lens designs (high-low) and performance classes and can be combined with an optional multi-tone base.

Different modules

The R-series is available as a continuous light module, multifunctional module and multi-color module. The three available basic modules can be combined with the low and high lens modules. 


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Prewired signal lights - P series

Signal lights are available in various shapes and sizes: from Ø30 mm recessed spotlights up to Ø160 mm with a high or low lens design. The P-series mediumsize industrial lighting from Auer Signal has a diameter of Ø75 mm. The P-series signal lights are configured and pre-wired with LED or Xenon light source.

Different versions of signal lamps

In addition to standard 110/120 VAC and 230/240 VAC models, there are also versions with a wide voltage range of 10-100 VDC and 20-70 VAC. The P-series signal lights are equipped with an IP66/IP67 degree of protection and are supplied with one meter of cable as standard. All plastic parts are made of high-quality polycarbonate plastics (IK 08).


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Signal lights and lamps - P series - Auer Signal
T-series signal lamps and lights - Auer Signal

Signal lamps for surface and panel mounting

The T-series (ø75 mm) and U-series (ø60 mm) signal lamps have been developed as surface mounting and panel mounting. Industrial lighting with visual, audible and visual-audible functionalities are possibilities of the T-series.

Extreme and demanding applications

The T & U-series are the ideal solution for extreme and demanding applications. The signal lamps are resistant to temperatures from -30 °C to +60 °C, with a protection degree of IP66 and impact resistance up to IK 10, which makes the signal lamps have an extremely robust design.


  • Standard surface-mounted and panel mounting version in Ø 75 mm and Ø 60 mm
  • Low power consumption and a long service life
  • Highly efficient and high-quality LEDs
  • Available with externally switchable LED
  • UL certification


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Modular and stackable signal lights

The Q and A series are modular signal lamps with multi-tone sirens. Because the units are stackable, it is possible to combine lamps and sirens. It is also possible to combine the small built-in buzzers from the Auer Signal range and thus build your own siren / signal lamp.

The impact-resistant polycarbonate housing ensures an IP66 class and is water-resistant and completely dust-resistant. This allows the signal generator to be used in a large number of applications. Read more about Q and A series modular signal lamps and sirens. 


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Modular and stackable signal lights - Auer Signal
Modular rotating lamps with turning mirror - Auer Signal

Modular rotating lights with turning mirror

Modular beacons are signal lights equipped with an internal rotation mirror. The Ø 90 mm rotating beacon has a high operational reliability due to the synthetic bearings. The modular flashing light is easy to assemble.

Rotating mirror / stable light beacon

The signal lights are equipped with a rotating mirror beacon or a stable constant light beacon. The rotating beacon has a speed control of 90/180 RPM with a constant speed independent of temperature and environmental influences. Rotating signal lights are available in ATEX version with IP66 degree of protection.

Explosion-proof signal lights - ATEX

The highest levels of safety require the highest quality levels of signal lamps. The ATEX signal lamps for applications in potentially explosive atmospheres have a robust and seawater-resistant housing with a protection degree of IP66/IP67. The ATEX signal lights are made of metal or plastic.

Application in potentially explosive atmospheres

The ATEX signaling equipment has the highest mechanical stability, the parts are wear-free and maintenance-free and offer safety for all applications where the atmosphere may be explosive. For atmospheres classified as potentially explosive, where flammable gases and vapors (zones 0, 1 & 2) or inflammable dust (zones 20, 21 and 22) can form a continuous, frequent, incidental or even rare risk.


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ATEX visual signal lights | Auer Signal
Signal towers and stack lights - Auer Signal

Signal towers - Modular and stackable

In addition to signal lamps, complete signal towers are also available. The signal towers are modular and stackable, up to 6 modules per tower with the Modul Perfect 70 - PC7. Read more about the Modul Perfect 70 - PC7 from Auer Signal.

Modular signal towers and signal columns

Modular signal towers are available in several variants as surface-mounted, wall and panel-mounted versions. Optical, acoustic and optic-acoustic models are also available. Modular signal towers are available with corner mounting, pipe mounting, floor mounting and wall mounting elements.


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RDM, RDMHP and RDMUP series signal lamps

For a signal lamp, it is of great importance that the light from the lamp is clearly visible. On the other hand, the light from a signal lamp should not be so bright that it becomes blinding. Therefore, each situation requires a specific signal lamp with the right light intensity and focus. The RDM series from Auer Signal has the right signal lamp for every application.

The images below clearly illustrate the main difference between the RDM, RDMHP, and RDMUP signal lamps in terms of light focus. This also immediately clarifies why there is no blinding when one is close to a signal lamp from the RDMUP series.



When there is a lot of ambient or even direct sunlight, it often becomes difficult to see a signal lamp, especially at greater distances. For such situations, the RDMUP signal lamp is the right choice. This lamp has a strongly focused beam of light with, depending on the color, a light intensity of up to 450 candela that is also clearly visible in direct sunlight, even at a great distance. It is also immediately noticeable that there is no need to fear blinding. Due to the tight focus, the lamp is very visible over a great distance but will not cause blinding when one is close to the lamp.


The High Performance series is the lighter version of the Ultra Performance series. With, depending on the color, a light intensity of up to 184 candela, this signal lamp provides excellent light intensity for applications where the distance to the signal lamp is not too great and situations where direct sunlight is not an issue.


The RDM series is the standard version of the RDM series signal lamps. With, depending on the color, a light intensity of up to 111 candela, this signal lamp emits a bright light that certainly meets the needs of many standard applications.



Multifunctional and Suitable for Outdoor UseRDM series brackets

The lamps from the RDM series are multifunctional, meaning they can do more than just turn on or off. They all have the ability to signal in an extra noticeable way through features such as a strobe or rotating beacon function, pulsating light, etc.

The housing is made of polycarbonate and has a diameter of 110 mm. With an IP 66 rating and a temperature resistance of -30 °C to +60 °C, they are suitable for permanent outdoor installation. Thanks to their IK 08 impact-resistant housing, they can withstand an impact of 5 joules, making them resistant to knocks. 

Uniform Mounting

The signal lamps of the RDM, RDMHP, and RDMUP series all have the same housing. Therefore, they can be mounted on the same brackets, making them easy to interchange or replace. If desired, they can be expanded with a acoustic base so that signaling can be both optical and acoustic.


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