New R-series LED signal lamps by Auer Signal

Maximum modularity and functionality

R-series LED signal lights - Auer SignalAuer Signal presents the new R-series modular LED signal lamps. The R-series is the brightest LED signal lamp in its category. The beacons are available in two lens designs (high-low) and performance classes and can be combined with an optional multi-tone base. The R-series is available as a continuous light module, multifunctional module and multi-color module. The three available basic modules can be combined with the low and high lens modules. Read more about signallamp and signal lights.

M-series replaced by R-series

The new R-series has all the functions of the M-series in one diameter housing and offers more functionality and compatibility. The M-series is expected to be available until the end of 2020 and will then be completely replaced by R-series signal lamps. The main difference between the M and R-series is the significantly better brightness.


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Create your own signal lamp step by step

R-series LED signal lights - Auer SignalChoose a module (continuous light module, multi-colour module, multifunction module or High-Performance module) and a lens (high or low). Then choose the desired base and finally a bracket for mounting. Each part of the R-series has its own order number. This modular concept significantly reduces order numbers.

Benefits of the R-series modular signal lamps

Various combination options: thanks to the modular concept and one uniform size, you can combine your own signal lamp with the various modules, lenses and accessories.

  • Modular optical-acoustic signal lamp: each module, lens and accessory has its own order number.
  • 2 lens designs: high (124mm) / low (68mm)
  • 2 light intensities: standard and high performance
  • Available light modules: continuous, flashing light, flashlight, turn mirror, PULS signal
  • The design bracket hides screws for vertical mounting.
  • The flush design prevents the ingress of dust and dirt

Technical specifications R-series

  • R-series LED signal lights - Auer Signal1 diameter (lens Ø 95 mm, base Ø 110 mm) for 2 different performance classes (standard and high performance)
  • Protection degree: IP66 / UL 4 / 4X / 13
  • PULSE signal: Light intensity slowly increases and then slowly decreases
  • Turning mirror: 2 different rotation speeds (90/180 rpm) with one or two beams of light
  • Multifunctional rotating mirror with 28 light modes: 4 groups with 7 light modes each (2-pole dip switch, 4-pole terminal)
  • High Performance LED module with 72 LEDs
  • Standard module with 36 LEDs.
  • The brightness of the High Performance and Standard Performance modules can be dimmed to 50% and 25%.
  • 2 lens designs: high lens (124mm), low lens (68mm)
  • A low lens with milky lens design
  • The multi-color module is available in 7 colors (green, yellow, red, blue, orange, magenta, transparent)
  • The multifunction module is available in 6 colors (orange, red, transparent, blue, green, yellow)

Multi-tone module

  • Adjustable volume
  • 32 keys, 103 dB (A) at 1 meter
  • 3 tones switch externally

Easy and safe mounting

  • R-series LED signal lights - Auer SignalDetachable terminal for easy wiring
  • Standard base: cable grommet from below through grommet
  • Universal base: additional opening for lateral cable entries, option for pipe mounting on 25 mm pipe
  • Other mounting types: metal bracket for a standard and a universal base, metal bracket for the acoustic base, design bracket.
  • Easy to handle bayonet closure