Auer Signal - Signal lights and buzzers for industry

Auer Signal is a technology leader in the field of optical and audible signal devices such as signal towers, signal lamps, buzzers, horns and sirens. Auer's products provide a solution to warn, protect and guide people into a modern industrial environment when in danger or emergency.

Technology leader

Auer was founded in 1910 in Vienna, Austria. Since then Auer has developed into a technology leader in the field of signal equipment.


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Signal lights and signal lamps - ECOmodul - Auer Signal

Auer Signal - Modular signal towers with LED

Would you like to see or hear the status of a specific machine from a distance? Then use a modular signal tower. The ECOmodul from Auer Signal has many different options and mounting options, so that you can assemble exactly the signal tower as you wish it.


The ECOmodul from Auer Signal uses a very bright LED technology, making the signal even more visible. Connection is simple, namely via spring pressure or push-in technology. Developed and built for many years of trouble-free use in the industry. Read more about signal towers.

The ECOmodul signal towers are available with different diameters: 40 mm, 60 mm and 70 mm. 


diameter: 40 mm diameter: 60 mm diameter: 70 mm

The highest standard in the international signaling market

Series T (ø 75 mm) and U (ø 60 mm) signal lights are available as surface-mounted and panel mount version in several variants. Also optical-acoustic and acoustic models of the T model are available.

Auer Signal for extreme applications

With this expansion of the program Auer has the perfect alerts for extreme and demanding applications. A temperature range of from -30 °C to + 60 °C, IP66 and a seal made of an impact resistance to IK10 are examples of highly robust design. Read more about signal lights.


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Signal lights T-series - Auer Signal
Acoustic signaling technology - Auer Signal

Acoustic signaling - Auer signal

Machines must be provided with alarms from a distance, so that the condition of the machine is visible. Visual signal facilities must be clearly visible to the user and sound signals must be clearly audible, taking into account environmental noise.

Alarm, buzzers, sirens

Auer Signal offers a wide range of alarms, buzzers and sirens to make the status of the machine audible from a distance. The acoustic signaling products also offer the solution for fire and fault reports.


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Signal tower Modul-Compete 50 - CT5

The Modul-Compete 50 - CT5 signal tower from Auer Signal is very competitive in price. The optimized signal tower CT5 has the same central contacts as the PC7, but has been developed exclusively for classic industrial 24 V DC applications. For standard applications where high quality and an attractive price are required, the CT5 is the right choice. Read more about the CT5 signal tower.

Features Modul Compete 50:

  • Cost-effective modular 50 mm Ø signal tower for classic 24 V DC applications in industry
  • Up to 5 positions possible
  • Low pollution due to flat smooth design on the outside
  • Protection class IP65


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Signal tower Modul-Compete 50 - CT5 - Auer Signal
Multi-tone alarm siren ASML - Auer Signal

Multiple alarm sirene - Auer Signal

The alarm siren ASML from Auer Signal is a very noisy horn. The signal horn makes just as much noise as a rock concert and that makes it perfectly suitable for outdoor applications in, for example, the maritime sector. Read more about the alarm siren ASML from Auer Signal.

ASML alarm siren features:

  • 132 mm square multi-tone horn
  • Maximum 120dB(A)
  • Protection degree of IP66
  • 16 adjustable tones, 7 of which can be operated externally
  • Sound strength adjustable via potentiometer


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The highest signal tower - PC7 - Auer Signal

The PC7 is the highest and most versatile signal tower of Auer Signal with seven positions. The Auer Signal PC7 is 13 times brighter than the previous model. The upper module is even brighter than the standard light modules and has an extensive, hemispherical signal effect.


7 colors can be switched externally in the LED multi-color module: red, yellow, green, blue, transparent, magenta and turqoise. Thanks to binary switching, 4 additional modules can be used in addition to a multi-color module. Read more about the Modul Perfect PC7 from Auer Signal.


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Modul Perfect 70 - PC7 - Modular signal tower - Auer Signal
Modular signal tower Half-Dome - Auer Signal

Modular signal tower Half-Dome - Auer Signal

The modular signal tower Half Dome for wall mounting from Auer Signal is a signal tower for installation on walls or directly on the machine.

Six modules

The modular signal tower has a maximum of six modules, five LED modules and one buzzer. Read more about the modular signal tower Half Dome from Auer Signal.


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EX-proof visual signalling - Auer Signal

Auer Signal Ex proof signaling technology. Built for use in the chemical industry, oil refinery refineries or in ship and aircraft construction. The Ex-signaling equipment from Auer Signal are maintenance-free and have no parts that are subject to wear.

Different colors

The ATEX signal lamps from Auer Signal are available in six different colors: orange, red, yellow, transparent, blue and green.


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ATEX visual signal lights - Auer Signal